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Krinos IMPORTED Oregano in Bunches - 2oz (56g) - Product of Gree Elegant Die Zirkusprinzessin Sale Shop Grocery Gourmet Food => Pantry Staples => Herbs, Spices Seasonings Die Zirkusprinzessin leading global athletic footwear and apparel retailer. Imported oregano bunches Product description Size:2 Ounce (Pack of 1) Product of Greece Cheap sale This product seems good (nice scent, texture, flavor for a dried herb). Just keep in mind how much you actually get (the jar in pic is 16 Oz. mason jar, leaves are not packed down). I'm sure you can use the twigs for something wonderful, but storage was an issue for me, so I chose to remove the leaves. The pile to the right of the jar are the denuded twigs (but not all, there are still many smaller twigs in with leaves). The box is what it's shipped in.Happy herbing!I'm Greek. This is fantastic oregano. I' was glad to find this on amazon. The Greek store where I purchase this amp; other brands of dried Greek oregano, is usually out. The "oregano" in little bottles at the supermarket is not oregano. It gives no real flavor to food. amazing on salads amp; in marinades. Try it. You won't go back to stale, flavorless supermarket oregano.I'm married to the Italian guy and we love home cook meals. I add this particular Oregano to so many dishes and salads. It's very flavourful and smells delicious. I have bought it 3 times already and as long as it's available I will stick with it. Enjoy cooking!I usually get my Greek oregano from a little Italian store. Because of Covid, I ordered it on line. This doesn’t begin to compare with what I usually buy. It smells ok but not the quality I’m used to. And it’s not returnable so I can’t send it bavkI have been buying this oregano for a while it is not as good as Sicilian oregano but it is pretty good .. they added shipping to it when before shipping was free now it is the same price as Sicilian oregano also the last order I put in I received all sticks a million sticks.. not good I am going to stick with Sicilian oregano..Bought oregano in Chania while visiting Crete and was very impressed. Glad to see Cretan oregano is available to order from Amazon. Regular grocery store bottle can’t compare to this. It’s unique long lasting minty fragrance makes souvlakia heavenly. A little bit goes a long way.The oregano was grey and had mold all over it. Amazon specified that it couldn’t be returned. I have bought oregano on the branch before. This was not right.Great product. Flavor and value.If you want great oregano get this. Not that jarred leaf spice. This is the real thing.

Elegant Die Zirkusprinzessin Sale Shop

Handmade Products => Home Kitchen => Kitchen Dining Handmade Pink Rainbow Tween Girl Apron Gift for Baking Kitchen A worldwide in buying and selling online. Elegant Die Zirkusprinzessin Sale Shop [Alternative dealer] 100% cotton fabric in beautiful rainbow print fits tween girls ages 7-13 lightweight, unlined apron is 27" long machine wash cool, tumble dry low adjustable ties at neck and waist Encourage your sweet chef, entrepreneur, or artist with a colorful and functional gift! Perfect for cooking or crafting and the adjustable ties will allow it to grow with your girl. Handmade for you in the USA. Die Zirkusprinzessin


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