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STRONG, DURABLE, HEAVY-DUTY - These craft wood pieces of multi-coated Baltic Birch plywood offer exceptional durability, rigidity, and stability for all your woodworking needs. The surfaces provide excellent holding power for glue and screws and the birch edges create cleaner joinery. BEAUTIFUL WOOD, BEAUTIFUL PROJECT- Russian-grown Baltic Birch plywood is prized by woodworkers everywhere. Manufactured using the latest methods in wood production, this hardwood from the snowy forests of the north is extremely durable and creep resistant. It has a beautiful lengthwise grain and takes stain well. TRUE SIZE: 4-7/8" x 6-7/8". CHOOSE LASER CUTTER WOOD - The layers of the Baltic Birch sheets of thick plywood are designed to smoothly glide through laser cutters and scroll saws, making it the ideal thin wood sheets for efficient woodcutting. Are you looking for wood for wood burning projects? Woodpeckers has the perfect wood boards for crafts. GRADE B/BB - Graded according to the Russian Baltic plywood standard as B/BB, this hardwood has a single piece face and a back veneer. The face veneer has a smooth surface with a light uniform color while the back surface typically has 1-2 small color-matched patches. The thick face veneer provides a smoother surface for CNC routers or engraving machines to glide on the birch wood. SERVICE amp; SELECTION - We are dedicated to partnering with business owners, home crafters, and woodwork artisans. Our customer care agents are thoroughly familiar with our products, and we will be happy to assist you with any concerns and inquiries. Looking for plywood boards in different sizes? Visit the Woodpeckers storefront for a large selection of plywood squares in both 1/4" and 1/8" thickness. Product Description Takes paint and stain well. You’ll find our birch plywood easy to work with. It has a light and uniform color that’s easily matched to your ideal shade. Smooth and thick face veneer You’ll watch your laser cutters and CNC routers glide smoothly on the wood. Easy to work with. Cuts cleanly so even the most intricate and delicate project can look gorgeous. Grown in Russia. Cut in the U.S.A. Our hardwood plywood sheets are grown in the snowy forests of the Baltics and are prepared in our New Jersey woodshop. Packaged with care. Nicely packaged because we want you to receive your plywood sheets in the same condition they are when they leave our woodshop. Cut along the (pretty) grain We know a uniform and attractive grain is important for woodworkers (like us!), and that’s exactly what our plywood has. Wood Parts for Professional Woodworkers The superior quality of our hand-finished sustainable wood parts like turned-wood wheels, dowels and other speciality parts make Woodpeckers your source for professional wood components. Finish that handmade project professionally with wood parts that meet your quality standards. Stylish Home Decor with Wood Wood craft parts are sanded to a smooth, blemish-free finish. Our sustainable wood beads, wood cubes and wooden dowels in a wide range of sizes are ideal for home decor projects. Try your hand at DIY projects like a wood bead garland, a wall hanging or cute mini succulent planters. Tap into your creative side with wood craft parts by Woodpeckers! Little Fingers Create! Bring out your little one’s creativity with sustainable and fun crafting projects that will keep them busy for hours. Woodpeckers wood craft parts come in a wide range of sizes and styles, providing endless ways to craft with wood. Craft projects with paint, glue and a big dose of imagination! Educational Crafts Come to Life! Teachers and educators have a wide range of craft ideas to engage kids and help them learn, while having fun! Wood craft parts are great for educational project ideas like an abacus or word-maker. Affordable wood craft parts open up an endless range of project ideas for all budgets. Sustainable bulk wood parts are a versatile foundation of so many craft projects and teaching materials. Woodpeckers is a leading educational wood craft resource. Professional Wood Crafts Wood Home Decor Crafting with Kids Educational Wood Crafts Nice wood, but incorrectly advertised!The ad says "5mm" and it also says "1/4" and we know that both cannot be true. I was curious as to which one with right so I ordered them.5mm is 0.196"But these are 0.23" to 0.24"In other words, the ad should say "6mm" and "1/4"If the ad had been accurate I would not have ordered.This Premium Baltic Birch B/BB Plywood from Woodpeckers is the best plywood product I have used so far. The wood is consistently high quality with an almost flawless, attractive, even light color on the B side and even on the BB side there is minimal flaws ( patches. mineral stains etc). The plywood is simply beautiful to look at.The Woodpeckers plywood has a low moisture content and is almost perfectly flat when arrived .Because of the products I am making, prior to use I lightly sand the surfaces with 800 grit sandpaper for an unbelievably smooth surface. I then store the material stacked flat on a solid floor with sandbags as weights to minimize any warping. (My working environment is fairly low humidity because it is in a HVAC space.) Using my 65W laser engraver to make intricate cuts and using most of the plywood surface area, I have got minimal failure to penetrate the 5mm plywood with less than 10% failure rate. When there is a failure, there is usually a small 3-5mm area where the laser did not cut all the way through. This could be caused by inconsistent density of the plywood and/or the adhesive used. I could increase the cutting power of the laser but I need to balance that with the darkness of the cut lines. For those of you Laser Engravers out there, I know you are thinking it...YES, my mirrors are aligned, my focal point is spot on and all optics are clean. I clean the lens often to maintain clarity due to smoke/vapor from cutting.So far, I have placed three orders with Woodpeckers and will definitely continue to use Woodpeckers as my supplier for high quality 5mm B/BB Baltic Birch. I am very satisfied with the product.Update 6/3/2020Quality is inconsistent. Last order had huge amount of mineral stains on BB side and some on the B side. I am finding that cutting is unreliable as there are random areas of extreme hardness (glue?) and I am losing quite a lot of material due to incomplete cut through. I am using a decent 65W CO2 Laser which is rated for cutting 6mm ply wood. I have now found a supplier of A/A birch which is very pricey but cuts with no issues because the glue used is "laser-freindly" and there are no patches whatsoever.When cutting, the glue that was used to bond the plys together turns into some kind of oily substance and becomes flammable. The airborne residue from the glue plugged up the laser's air filter within 30 min. of cutting, at a cost of 0.00 to replace. The FSL machine is only 3 days old and only cut this material. I use a lot of Baltic birch for scrollsaw work. I am used to find some patches in my plywood. This is not a problem for me because I can either work around it on two sided projects, or put the patch on the back, unseen, side of the project. When my order arrived, I inspected each board for defects. to my surprise, I found no patch on any piece. The only flaw that I could find were several pieces with very small knots, which I could use as accent points or place on the back of the project.In short, this is just what I have come to expect from Baltic birch plywood. When you combine the high quality of the wood with the fact that my package arrived the next day after I ordered it, I would say this is an excellent source for ordering plywood. Not really 'premium' plywood. One sheet in the stack was A grade - the rest had dutchmans, or figured knots, badly torn out edges, swollen areas from interply anomalies. I used the one good sheet as I was in a pinch to finish a project but have tossed the rest in the bin for use pattern making.I realize one order is not a fair sample size, could be a normal example of quality, or I could have gotten a worse than average box. Prolly won't be returning to buy more and find out tho.On the upside, it was packed to withstand abuse and the box was reusable. One of the three pieces was very warped. Need flat wood for my project.Quality control is lacking. Overall, this is quite high quality plywood. It is 5-ply, clean (no significant blemishes), absolutely flat, and very well packaged (a secure inner box inside a larger shipping box). In a sense I should give this five stars, but I dinged it one star only because it was not what I was hoping for. The very best Baltic Birch 1/4" plywood I've ever used was 5-ply with all five plies the same thickness. Unfortunately, I have never again been able to find it, and I was hoping that this would be the one. But the face and back plies are very thin, perhaps a hair thicker than the 3-ply junk I see at my local home-supply lumber company, but still thin. This means that I have to be super careful about sanding it (or slobbing anything on it that requires later sanding!). Also, that very thin face layer splinters easily when sawed, leaving jagged, misscolored spots along the edge. It does mill very cleanly with a 1/8" flat endmill on my Nomad CNC machine. But sawing requires a very fine blade, a lot of care, and more than a little good luck. The plywood I used to get, with the much thicker face plies, did not suffer these problems. Oh well... I'll keep looking.I have been going back and forth if it was worth buying pre cut wood. I decided to give it a try. The wood was decent but still was prone to a little warp. My main issue was I ordered 5mm birch board but instead received 6mm board. My design was set to have 5mm joints. If you are going to list and sell both 5mm and 6mm then be sure to ship the correct thickness. I wasted a ton of my wood doing cuts for my project only to find out I cant use them due to the inaccuracies of what was shipped vs what I ordered. Discounted Hot Sale 100% Blinds Cleaning Tool, Duster Plastic Furniture Cleaning Tool 9.2 Max 53% OFF Blinds Cleaning Tool, Duster Plastic Furniture Cleaning Tool 9.2 Baltic Birch Plywood, 6 mm 1/4 x 5 x 7 Inch Craft Wood, Pack of Tools Home Improvement => Building Supplies => Building Materials Discount USA Online Store we are customer obsessed and we serve our customers with heartfelt care and passion.

Discounted Hot Sale 100% Blinds Cleaning Tool, Duster Plastic Furniture Cleaning Tool 9.2 Max 53% OFF

Official USA Website Industrial Scientific => Raw Materials => Plastics Discounted Hot Sale 100% Blinds Cleaning Tool, Duster Plastic Furniture Cleaning Tool 9.2 Max 53% OFF 20' x 7 mil White Heavy Duty Industrial Shrink Film (Roll of 200 we share the same passion for shopping as you do. Blinds Cleaning Tool, Duster Plastic Furniture Cleaning Tool 9.2 This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Made from a blend of Low-Density Polyethylene with a UVI additive. Film is U-Folded on rolls and features a center slit gusseted construction. Designed to protect, weatherize and transport boats and other products that require protection from the elements. Meant to be shrunk using a heat gun, this film serves as a superior alternative to tarping, and is less expensive than inside storage. This product complies with California Proposition 65 and all applicable CONEG heavy metal restrictions. Made in the U.S.A. which reduces the greenhouse gas emissions associated with importing. Product description Size:20' White (Roll of 200') Made from a blend of Low-Density Polyethylene with a UVI additive. These are designed to protect, weatherize and transport boats and other products that require protection from the elements. Meant to be shrunk using a heat gun, this film serves as a superior alternative to tarping, and is less expensive than inside storage. All film is U-Folded on rolls and features a center slit gusseted construction. Available in white or blue color.


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