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as a market leader,our committed to developing an o+o retailing model by implementing a seamless online and offline shopping experience. Kiollssx Bathroom Shelf Shower Storage Wall-Mounted 1/2 Tiers Eu Sonet Blues Story Material:304 stainless steel(healthy and environmentally friendly material,waterproof and anti-corrosion,no rust,durable) Features:multi-functional storage,foldable,double hook,double towel bar,large capacity,thick material,bearing capacity of about 45 kg Installation method:punching installation and glue installation(complete accessories,easy installation) Dimensions(length x width x height):400x260x250mm,500x260x250mm,600x260x250mm(see dimension drawing for details) 100%Satisfied Service:We not only provide excellent products,but also provide excellent service,no matter if you have any questions,Please don't hesitate to contact us. Product description Size:A  |  Color:B-50x13x38cm Are you looking for a bathroom organizer,when you have it,everything is orderly and noisy.Give you a good mood!Don't hesitate,buy it!Color:A-49.6x16x16cm|Size:AAre you looking for a bathroom organizer,when you have it,everything is orderly and noisy.Give you a good mood!Don't hesitate,buy it!Material:304 stainless steel+tempered glassLoad capacity:35 kgQuantity:1 pieceTier:1 tier/2 tiersStyle:simple modern styleSuitable place:bathroom,kitchen,balconyMaintenance method:-Rinse the surface regularly with water and dry with a soft cloth-Cleans hard-to-remove dirt with neutral mild liquid and colorless glass cleaner-Try to avoid contact with acidic cleaners,rough materials or abrasive cleaners Wholesale USA Discount Online Tools Home Improvement => Hardware => Bathroom Hardware Cheap Clearance Online Sonet Blues Story Factory Shop Sale

Cheap Clearance Online Sonet Blues Story Factory Shop Sale

Catchmaster 60M Bulk Packed Mouse Insect Snake Glue Boards 60- Patio, Lawn Garden => Pest Control => Repellents This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Traps and monitors mouse and insect activity Folds into tunnel shape for use in tight dusty areas Conveniently disposable, with no mess Professional-strength adhesive Non-toxic and family safe, Proudly made in the USA Product Description Bulk Mouse amp; Insect Boards Professional-strength adhesive Non-toxic, home and family safe Long-lasting, will remain effective for up to one full year Proudly made in the USA Placement Tips Versatile Placement Fold along lengthwise perforation and place against wall to maximize catch potential. If using in a dusty environment, fold to create a tunnel. Get Creative Place along baseboards or on pipes where rodent activity has been observed. Don't Cut the Corners Avoid placing in corners. Check traps daily or when noise is heard. Trapping Tips The More the Merrier Mice will investigate their surroundings, placing several traps in multiple locations will increase your likelihood of a catch. Plan Ahead Leave the trap with the release paper in the rodent’s environment for a day or two before removing the release paper, this will allow the mice to get acclimated. Switch it Up Mice are fickle creatures – if you aren’t having success trapping in one area move the trap to a different location every few days. Bulk Mouse amp; Insect Boards Max Catch Board Glue Tray Cold Weather Tray Non-Toxic ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Fast-Acting ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Long-Lasting ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Trap Size 8.5" x 5.25" 8.5" x 5.25" 10" x 5" 10" x 5" Ideal for Damp Conditions ✓ ✓ Designed for Cold Weather ✓ First, if you’re after a really good quality product that actually works and catches bugs, this is definitely it. The product itself does not warrant one star. What does warrant one star, and is the reason for my one star rating, is the product and is not as shown in the first photo of this listing. Let me explain.I regularly purchased these in a 12 pack at Walmart. When I saw this bulk listing, I decided that it would be worth it to pay a little bit more than Walmart because these came (at least it’s shown in the first listing photograph) in a nice cardboard box that would allow me to store them in the closet or under the sink without creating a mess of random boxes everywhere or having the pile tip over and then getting misplaced or cluttered before I could use them. Unfortunately, that is not what I received in the mail. What I received was a bulk pack of traps in a cheap plastic bag (see my photo). There was no cardboard storage box to keep these in at all.I’m not sure why the photograph shows a nice box to store them in, if they’re just going to come in a cheap plastic bag. Over half of the reason why I purchased this big pack was because I wanted to keep them organized in the nice box shown in the first listing photograph. It is incredibly frustrating when the photographs do not match what actually comes in the mail. I am returning these and going back to Walmart to just purchase them in lesser amounts for less money.I would highly recommend that the seller update their photography to match this listing. In some cases, I feel this was false advertising.I still like these for small bugs but for mice, I dunno. The first one I caught I think I just chased it into the box and it wasn't thinking. Second one, I heard it hit the glue board so it was on there when I got to it, face planted to the board. Since then I've gone thru a half a box of these boards and not caught another one. Like other reviewers, they now ignore the boards, hop across the boards, defecate on the boards (no kidding). Twice I know they got stuck and then free. I watched one kick free. If the mouse is small enough, it won't stick, or it will stick by the hair but then it only takes a couple of gyrations and comes off. If they go into a folded box, you have a better chance but they just hop over those. Whereas, I've had to throw some of these boards out because they get stuck to something easily. Then there's the problem with learning. Once they learn to jump over, even when it's laid flat, they're worthless. I laid out several these in one section and they're able to get across without even moving the board and defecate on it too. And I think think they learn by scent because peanut butter, pasta, whatever they now avoid, even if I bait wearing gloves. I didn't want to do this but next step is to try poison.------------------I've been using these for about 2 1/2 years and I can't complain about their effectiveness. They don't get everything but they've helped keep keep quite a few creepy crawlies "off the street". But now I'm trying to decide to reorder but I can't tell if I'll get the same board or not and I can't tell what the differences are between the various boards by the same seller. Even their own website is difficult to follow. I say 'stupid company' because how difficult is it to accurately list the dimensions of the product. C'mon. The dimensions are important. I don't want anything smaller and I don't want anything larger. But I've read the product details, qamp;a, reviews and I'm baffled what they're selling. Under product dimensions it says 6 x 3.88 x 8.81 in. On their website though it says 5 1/4 by 8 1/2. No way in h that is correct on amazon. Unfolded the boards I got before are 5 1/4 by 8 (not counting the tab). Folded they are about 2 3/4 w, 5 1/4 and 1 1/4 h. So why is everybody and their mother saying their boards are different dimensions even different from what it says on amazon? So yes, I'd have to rate these as a 1 because I'm not sure what I bought or what I get if I reorder even though it should have been clearly stated on product page. I looked at their web site and it says, Assembled Dimension: 3.5 in. W x .03125 in. D x 7 in. H for the 75M. That's nonsense. I miss the days where you could just go the store and buy a replacement and not have to waste your time on such nonsense.---------------------------------Very happy with these - caught mice, spiders, and a couple of small snakes over the past 4 years. Found a good trick is to press the end of a large popsicle stick onto the corner of the glue, use the stick to position the glue board under shelves, in corners (away from pets but where mice will run). When a pest shows up on the board, use the stick to lift the whole mess into a plastic trash bag and toss in the garbage can. Makes quick work of an unpleasant chore.These traps looked like just the thing to avoid dangerous poisons and deal with the issue of mice being too smart to go into strange tunnels. So after seeing a mouse on our kitchen counter, I set out these traps all over the house in a variety of places: along walls, in corners, under furniture along walls and in corners. Nothing. The mice appear to be smart enough to just go right around the trap. I have tried peanut butter, and I have even tried carrots after finding mouse poop next to a stray baby carrot that didn't get discarded.After a few days I pulled out the trap at the back of the stove which was blocking in a passage behind a counter and discovered a mess of mouse fur, but no mouse. Apparently the mouse had no way out and just went for it. Behind the washing machine I found that the mouse had eaten part of the non-sticky edge of the trap itself, but hadn't set foot on the trap! I have tried trimming off three of the four edges but this hasn't helped, it just makes it more likely the trap will get stuck to my latex gloves or any object like a pencil that I use to try to dislodge the trap from myself. They are certainly sticky enough, so why the mouse can get free is beyond me.Last night, I found another gap between the dishwasher and counter and put another trap there, out of the way where it couldn't be seen. The mouse apparently couldn't find any other way out and went right across the trap. This morning I found the trap sitting about two feet out from the dishwasher and more fur on the trap, but no mouse. I'm pretty sure it's the same mouse, because there was a lot less fur this time. My original thought had been that the excess fur had allowed to mouse to escape, but apparently not. At this rate pretty soon there is going to be a completely nude but quite alive mouse running around my kitchen. Maybe it will die of exposure, but I'm not holding my breath. 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‘I want readers to feel like a world can exist where you don’t need armor to live as yourself’: Isaac Fitzsimons discusses The Passing Playbook

Isaac Fitzsimons’ novel The Passing Playbook was released earlier this year to great acclaim. Becky Albertalli hailed it as ‘a sharply observant and vividly drawn...