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Movies TV => Paramount Home Entertainment => Action Adventure Cheap Store Online Wholesale Official USA Online Shop Scarf Solid Color Shawl Girls Gift Scarf Thin Scarf Emerald Gree Max 82% OFF the most important thing to us is reader trust. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Scarf Solid Color Shawl Girls Gift Scarf Thin Scarf Emerald Gree I am not commenting on the film itself. If you are reading this, you are a Tomb Raider fan like me, or have already liked the original film.I am confirming what other customers have reported about the terrible quality of the video. Very very grainy. Simply not acceptable on a Blu-Ray. This has been reported for a number of versions of this film, I was hoping that this edition did not had it, but it does. The problem is VERY noticeable. Do not get this edition by any means. Go check the one in a tin box, hopefully that one is OK.This movie takes a more serious tone than the original. In the original, Angela Jolie was always smiling and always seemed to be having fun. In the new movie, our heroine is either angry or depressed. The special effects, although better than movies 20 years ago, seemed low budget compared with modern movies. Getting back to our star, she annoyed me because she seemed so dumb. Nearly EVERY decision she made I would have made the opposite one. When asked to sign the estate over to herself, she chose not to because that meant her father was dead. Guess what genius, if he reappeared she could sign it back to him. Whenever presented the opportunity to kill the bad leader she chose not to and the bad leader continued to make her day go bad. Later in the movie her dad even suggested that she might be dumb and then said that she was really brave. Her stupidest decision was to allow the important papers to fall into the wrong hands despite her dad's warning. Another thing that bothered me was that she was built like a 15 year old boy. Okay some women look like that but how is she supposed to fight grown men? I find the talking raccoon in the guardians of the galaxy more believable. I liked the main bad guy. He did not seem that evil but his skill with facial expressions was very entertaining. This is a move review only, the physical product itself is fine, and came quickly. **This review contains spoilers.This is maybe one of the worst films I have seen in 2018. The Tomb Raider game was known for its buxom lead character, in a light and fun, tung amp; cheek entertainment action/adventure vehicle that got a slight retooling when it was developed for a movie, and Angelina Jolene's bra was developed into a D-cup. This version is far from entertaining, full of B (and C) list actors, along with the unlikeable Dame Kristin Scott Thomas, who we find out, at the very end, is the supreme bad-guy. What little story is presented, even less cohesiveness or point is evident. The script is vague, and the overall tone is slow and mean-spirited with point blank murders. Our protagonist, Laura Croft, played by the emotionless Alicia Vikander, apparently develops marine-scale bravery and navy-seal-level athleticism and cunning on the fly on her first mission in a remote island jungle fresh from jolly old England. Nothing really gets explained in the movie, and the last1/3 of the movie, which I assume is its climax, echoes that of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Laura also develops an intense ability to immediately decipher puzzles that skilled archeologists could not do. The film meanders, is slow, and boring, with no likable characters, and shamelessly sets up the sequel with cliche'd humor. I wish I had that 2 hours and back.Being an avid Tomb Raider fan for years, I had read mixed reviews on this movie. I didn't watch it for weeks not wanting to be disappointed. I finally watched it and was really surprised and enjoyed it immensely. It was refreshing to see the movie use one of the games for a basic story line. I kind of wished it would have followed it even more though. I think they have a winning formula this time versus the first two Tomb Raider movies. This is closer to the Lara Croft action that we love and grew up with. This team could make a movie of each of the games and it would be a hit. Tomb Raider was based upon the very popular video game. What does the opening say about the movie? First, she’s not your usual treasure hunter as she’s fighting a robot with guns. Second, she’s filthy rich living in a huge mansion. Last they have her in a shower scene showing off her body. Basically this is going to be a boy’s fantasy. That raises the question of whether Angelina Jolie was able to make something out of this role or would she just be eye candy during the entire film? Well the movie does end up being interesting in the middle with Croft having to compete with some bad guys to discover the mystery. There’s lots of chasing and action. The ending isn’t that great however and Jolie and Jon Voight who plays her father do horrible English accents. So in the end that crummy intro pretty much foretold the rest of the movie. Very happy with this movie. Basically the birth of the Tombraider. Not a continuation of the stories, but the beginning. Very well done and looking forward to the sequels. It will be interesting how it plays out now that she will have money. With the negative reviews about this remake, I was skeptical... and they changed just enough that at first your wondering where they are going with the storyline. And, she's no Angelina which is what I think people were really missing. But overall, it was a good film... I'm not into giving away plot lines... but, there was lots of action and it moved at a decent pace.Missed in theaters but 4k HDR OLED is ok to watch on at home. Prices need to come down seeing this is more than price for 2 theater tickets...why? Film is a breeze playing w/no playback issues. Special features in line with game but nothing special. No deleted/extended sceens. No bloopers or outtakes. Nothing to write home about. They could of really given more in this area. Otherwise movie is good 4k HDR buy.

Official USA Online Shop Scarf Solid Color Shawl Girls Gift Scarf Thin Scarf Emerald Gree Max 82% OFF

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