Phoenix Mall AMSK POWER Ac Adapter for Motorola Surfboard SB6120 SB6121 SB614 Seattle Mall

Phoenix Mall AMSK POWER Ac Adapter for Motorola Surfboard SB6120 SB6121 SB614 Seattle Mall Automotive => Replacement Parts => Engine Cooling Climate Control our goal is to save you time and eliminate the stress of shopping, whether you’re looking for everyday gear or gifts for loved ones. This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Same quality as OE for less money Designed with the latest software and manufactured with modern tooling Direct fit replacement Installs the same as factory unit Same dimensions as OE part Product description PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: Outlets Shop AMSK POWER Ac Adapter for Motorola Surfboard SB6120 SB6121 SB614 Replacement Value Engine Water Pump Gasket

Phoenix Mall AMSK POWER Ac Adapter for Motorola Surfboard SB6120 SB6121 SB614 Seattle Mall

AMSK POWER Ac Adapter for Motorola Surfboard SB6120 SB6121 SB614 Phoenix Mall AMSK POWER Ac Adapter for Motorola Surfboard SB6120 SB6121 SB614 Seattle Mall Online Wholesale Cheap Store I am a certified dog trainer, and the owner of a very strong dog. I have been hoping for a collar like this for a while. While traditional metal "eye and buckle" collars are still the most reliable collars in terms of strength, they are a pain to use if you take your dog's collar on and off a lot (like I do). But, those quick release collars with the plastic buckles are a disaster waiting to happen. I have had those quick release plastic buckles break when a strong dog darts towards a distraction. I don't have to explain how badly those broken plastic "quick release" buckles could have ended.So, I was thrilled to be offered this product at a discount, in exchange for an honest review. But, what's funny is that Mighty Paw would only fulfill their offer of a discount if I left my review within 5 days of receiving the product. Sorry Mighty Paw, but you can accurately asses the worthiness of a product like this in only 5 days. How is longevity assessed in 5 days? As a certified dog trainer I think a 5 day review is an irresponsible request, which suggest that Might Paw is more concerned with marketing than they are honest product feedback. So, I put this product through a month of solid use before I'd leave feedback. As a result I sacrificed my offered discount. So, be aware everyone, these "I received this at a discount" reviewers only tested this product for 5 days. So, all that said, on with my review:The metal quick release buckle seems strong, ending my worries about broken plastic quick release buckles. So, I give the concept of a quick release metal buckle 5 stars. Unfortunately, there are two issues that keep this collar from being a 5 star product. The first issue is the release mechanism. I am 6'4" and pretty strong, and I often struggle to get the buckle to release. It takes serious hand strength to release the collar that we received. My 5'2" petite wife REALLY struggles to get the buckle to release, and she quickly stopped using the collar because it was so hard for her to get the buckle to release.The second issue is with the back and sides of the metal buckle. It has sharp, unfinished edges and rivets, which can't possibly be comfortable for a dog with sensitive skin. Long haired dogs are bound to get their hair caught up in the exposed rivets, as some other reviewers have noted.So, the concept of this collar is 5 star, but the buckle need some subtle refinement to make this a 5 star product. Personally, I asked Mighty Paw for a refund. We'll see if they honor it.The media could not be loaded.  UPDATE: I had to lower the rating on this collar because the metal clasp no longer locks securely. The first time my dog broke loose from the collar, I thought I hadn't buckled it well. But it happened 2 more times after that. At this point, the clasp breaks free without much effort and I can no longer confidently use this collar on my dog. The clasp need to be redesigned so that there's no way it can come off without unlocking the tabs.Original review:I absoluteley love this collar. My 65lb German Shepherd mix broke his previous nylon collar while tied down to go after a cat he saw across the street. I looked for a replacement and wanted a strong collar for daily walks that had a metal buckle but wasn't bulky and didn't want a heavy chain collar. I read the reviews on this and decided to give it a try. The clasp design is great and makes attaching and detaching it very easy. It makes a positive click so you know it's connected. While I don't think he'd be able to break this collar, I bought a separate chain collar for him for when I'm doing work out front and have him tied down just in case that cat goes by again.As you may know the biggest differentiating factor in dog collars is whether or not the connecting hardware is a snap, or a buckle. There's a give and take with these. Buckles are typically superior in strength to a snap, which is almost always partly plastic. On the other hand, buckles are limited to the holes in the material and may not always fit correctly, whereas a snap collar can be finely adjusted for a more perfect fit. Some situations can use a martingale as a compromise, but not everyone (myself included) likes to use a martingale.Mighty Paw's collar here bridges the gap. The snap/buckle pieces is all metal, and makes a solid, strong connection similar to a seatbelt. This makes the collar reliable and fits perfectly. The slide adjuster is also metal which is nice because I've seen these split on cheaply made collars a lot.Some other great features I'm psyched about:• reflective stitching—I love that. I'm starting to really gravitate towards that as a feature I want all my stuff to have• separate d-rings for tags and leash connection—I've seen lots of tags lost when a leash was accidentally snapped to the split ring for the tags (I've done this myself, actually). Having the smaller d-ring just for tags is pretty nice. Plus, the leash connection d-ring is heavy duty.• the material is lightweight—I feel that the vast majority of collars out there are bulky as heck. This is thin and light without being weak.All in all I'm pretty happy with this collar. I bought this one for my English Bulldog, and now I'm thinking my Jack Russell and Boston Terrier both need one too!I really liked this collar: the metal hardware looks great; the reflective threads are very visible in the dark without appearing garish during the day; it's designed so that it doesn't click or jingle like some collars. (I admit I grind off the bright green Might Paw branding with a rotary tool because I think it's ugly.)Unfortunately, somehow they seem to come unlatched. My dog had been wearing one for a couple of months when she turned up without the collar. I assumed it was a fluke and bought a second (exactly the same as a first), and had a second set of tags etched. Within a week somehow she lost that one as well. I scoured my land at night with a flashlight and the reflective threads did allow me to find one of the collars. It was unlatched: she hadn't slipped out of it; it had just fallen off.I can't say I entirely understand how it happens: the metal latch certainly *feels* secure. But facts are facts. I'd chalk one up to bad luck, but two different collars have come unlatched and fallen off. It's a shame. Mighty Paw Metal Buckle Dog Collar, All Metal Hardware, Lightwei Pet Supplies => Dogs => Collars, Harnesses Leashes Durable – All metal buckle and hardware provides strength and durability for even the toughest dogs. Great, especially dogs who are often tied out. Added Protection – Reflective thread provides added safety at night, while side release tabs keep the collar securely on your pup. Lightweight – Unique metal alloy blend offers superior strength without added weight for ultimate comfort. Quiet – Silencing attachment for dog tags keeps them from jingling as your dog walks around the house. Born in the Usa – Mighty Paw is family-owned and operated out of Rochester, New York. Product Description Mighty Paw By Dog Lovers. For Dog Lovers.


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