25% OFF BLL-19A 360-Degree Rotary Head Ultra Slim Microfiber Mop (Blue) Online Australia

I bought this pack over the HK army Zero G pack for two reasons. 1. I use Dye Lock Lid pods, which are bigger than your standard 140 round pod. This pack has basically graduated cylinders that hold the pods instead of the need for adjustment that allow bigger and smaller pods on the HK army pack. This means that I can use a Lock lid and a normal pod in the same slot without having to adjust anything and it works perfect for both. It's also made for people with smaller waists. I'm 5'9 185 pounds with an athletic build, I wear size '34 pants and this pack is able to really snuggly hold everything in place even when I'm diving in the snake. There's nice elastic straps that wrap around the initial big velcro and it just feel so good. It looks great too. You get what you pay for in paintball, and this is definitely worth the money.This is the best pack I've owned ever. I had buyers remorse ordering it but not any more after my first play. It fits so snug and holds my pods like magic. I love using this in snake or tombstone bunkers. My only gripe is dye pods don't work well in it because it's too tight. Though Virtue and hk are perfect once the pads are broken in. Love how they added velcro to the +loops.Comfortable, secure, and extremely well-built, BK sets the standard by which all others should be judged. No, pods aren't easy to draw from it, you have to pull them, but that just means you won't drop them, unlike with standard strapped packs. As with any strapless pack, get pods with tight-fitting lids; Gen X Global (GXG) are perfect.Yes, it's more expensive. It's worth it. Buy once, cry once.The pack is super great! Only thing that kinda sucks is that I ordered the purple pod pack and everything said purple including the label on the pack but I received pure back. Was really looking forward to the purple since I do have the bunker king pants which are black and purple. However, aside from color pack works like a charm and feels super light. Def highly recommend, I actually got one for my wife in black and red and my friend just ordered one after seeing them in action this past weekend.So far it looks and feels super comfortable lots of room for pods. The only reason I gave it three stars is that some people reported receiving pods with their order I was not one of them so be warned other than that great productVery pleased with the quality of this pod harness. I bought the smaller 2 pod version for rec play and it works perfectly and fits well, even around my 38" waist. Price was great, too. Altogether, very happy with my purchase.There good, not adjustable, i been using it for a year and still not worn out. I have the hks one and sometimes when i put my pods back, the straps bust open. But this one nah. This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. [BETTER PERFORMANCE] The V5 WKS pack improves the original Bunkerkings strapless harness in every dimension. Enhanced comfort, superior pod retention and less bouncing around as you run. Now you can pull and reinsert pods in supreme comfort and style [SUPREME COMFORT] The belt and back support are designed to create maximum comfort and prevent your pack from bouncing as you run down the field. Friction padding combine with an advanced elastic attachment system to fit you no matter your body type [PROVEN DESIGN] The Bunkerkings Supreme Strapless Pack is a proven design used by top pro players all over the world. The new Bunkerkings packs feature V5 elastic technology, which accommodate all pod sizes, and require no adjustment over the lifetime of the pack [SUPREME STYLE] No matter your style preference, whether you prefer loud and flashy, subdued and low key, or if you prefer to hide in the woods. Bunkerkings is the supreme of paintball style and fashion [USE ANY POD] Works with PF135 and PF165 Virtue Pods. The unique design of the elastic pouches allow the Supreme Pack to automatically adjust to any size pod Product description WORLD'S FASTEST PACK "span"The Supreme Pack is the world's fastest pack, giving you a great advantage on the field. Load and unload the pack yourself in a split second 100% strap free. Welcome to the future of packs. Features: - Precision made loops - Don't lose any pods - 100% strap free loading and unloading system - Patent pending pod holding technology - Holds your pods even when dirty - Perforated foam - Padded mesh - Optimal ventilation, comfort and weight - Friction huggers; extra friction that grabs on to the front of your waist as you apply the pack - Lightweight extra tension bands with dual low profile tpr?s for easy tightening - Fuzz free long lasting velcro; No more wool looking velcro - Belly comfort system - extra neoprene layer to avoid annoying waist band cutting in - 270 degree elasticity - superior comfort, ergonomic and fit - Back bonders - ergonomically correct placed friction increasers Sports Outdoors => Outdoor Recreation => Paintball you can then use our order tracking system to track the status of your order. we even offer a text messaging service; just fill in your mobile details when you order - it's that easy! BLL-19A 360-Degree Rotary Head Ultra Slim Microfiber Mop (Blue) Bunkerkings V5 Supreme Strapless Paintball Harness 25% OFF BLL-19A 360-Degree Rotary Head Ultra Slim Microfiber Mop (Blue) Online Australia Discount Outlet Sale Online

25% OFF BLL-19A 360-Degree Rotary Head Ultra Slim Microfiber Mop (Blue) Online Australia

Economical Toilet Seat, Sturdy Silent Toilet Cover That Can be S 25% OFF BLL-19A 360-Degree Rotary Head Ultra Slim Microfiber Mop (Blue) Online Australia Tools Home Improvement => Kitchen Bath Fixtures => Bathroom Fixtures UK Online Shop BLL-19A 360-Degree Rotary Head Ultra Slim Microfiber Mop (Blue) 1. QUICK PURCHASE: First confirm what shape of toilet you need. After confirming that you need a V-shape, then measure the outer length, outer width and hole distance of the toilet. After the measurement is accurate, select the size that suits you according to the measurement result. 2. STURDY QUALITY: The universal toilet seat is made of pp board material, which will not fade, thicken the whole circle, will not crack, and is not easy to deform. It is waterproof and durable, with strong load-bearing capacity, and can be used for a long time. 3. SLOW CLOSING: The damped slow-down toilet seat has a slow-down mute function, which can not only reduce the collision of the lid, prevent noise disturbance, but also avoid hurting your fingers, enhance the quality of sleep, and make it safer to mute. It can be closed securely with just one tap, which is convenient and quick to use. 4. COMFORTABLE SITTING FEELING: The toilet seat adopts ergonomic design, conforms to the human sitting posture, 3.5D arc design, comfortable body feeling, sitting for a long time, and more comfortable. Increase your toilet experience, you can use it with confidence. 5. EASY TO INSTALL: This product needs simple installation, the steps are simple and easy to understand, it only takes a few minutes to complete the assembly. And there are a variety of sizes to choose from, you can choose the size that suits you according to your needs. Product description Size:the large V-shaped 380*450mm Name: Toilet Cover Material: pp board color: White Size: small V-shaped edge 360*455mm, large V-shaped edge 370*460mm, long small V-shaped 350*470mm, large V-shaped 380*450mm, new V-shaped 380*450mm Features: It is made of pp board material, does not fade, the whole circle is thick, will not crack, and is not easy to deform. Body feel upgraded, 3.5D cover design, ergonomic design, conforms to the human sitting posture, 3.5D arc design, comfortable body feeling, the more you sit, the more comfortable. The damping slow-down toilet seat has a slow-down mute function, which can not only reduce the impact of the cover, prevent noise nuisance, but also avoid hurting your fingers, making it safer to mute. The second disassembly design makes cleaning is no longer a difficult task. Those corners that are difficult to clean daily can be cleaned easily. With excellent bearing capacity, our toilet seat has a static bearing capacity of 150 kg. Precautions: Due to manual measurement, the product may have an error of about 0-1cm. Please refer to the actual product for the specific size, which will not affect the use, please understand! The general arrival time is about 10-20 days, please wait patiently, and finally I wish you a happy shopping! from emerging trends to worldwide fashion movements, we provide is a unique source of global fashion intelligence.


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