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for more than 30 years, our collections have been curated by all our daily necessities only the best. ISM PL 1.1 Saddle Discounted Order Vintage Gugxiom Portable Speaker, Low Voltage Computer Speaker Hook Hole With Up to 70% Off Love this saddle! After long rides I was feeling the pain in the undercarriage, and it would hurt the boys every time I got into a tuck, I thought it was just something I had to get use to. Finally after 2 years of waiting to get used to it, I tried this saddle. Wow what a difference, now there is none of that pain! Going into a tuck there is nothing in the front of the saddle to smash against. So NICE!! My “Boys” Love it! Does take some time to get used to as you are using a different part of your underside to sit on, so start off on smaller rides to get used to it before going out and rolling off 50miles. Also you have to set it up further back than you think. The first time I rode it, it was not comfortable at all then I pushed it back about a half inch and made all the difference in the world.Firm enough for a racer and comfortable enough a century rider. So yes, the nose does feel wide comparable to a normal saddle but getting used to it was by no means a bad experience. No numbness or pressure on the delicates. They say you can slide around a bit more on this version and i can feel that, but i dont usually feel the need. There is a sweet spot that i stay in 85% of the time. The other 15% is just sliding forward when putting quad power into the bike and slightly aft on the steep stuff.I ride a lot in the aero position and this saddle is the most comfortable I have every used for that. The saddle is a little wide for some (though just fine for me), so if you have a narrow gate or get inner-thigh rubbing you may opt for the narrow version. This saddle is heavy, but I was OK with that to get some comfort. Gel padding is pretty hard until it warms up, which may take 15 min on a cool day, 20 min on a cold day.You definetly need to use it more than once to get the feel. You sit on more bone than soft tissue but rather have soreness on bone then on my other more important areas.My first tri and split-nose saddle. Followed the helpful video advice on setting it up and got it right with very little adjustments. Only took 1-2 rides to get used to it. Maybe a bit heavy but nice padding and otherwise well constructed. (And I'm not worried about not shaving a few grams off my saddle--I'm a strong recreational rider but not a pro, and am OK with sacrificing a few grams for a bit of comfort.)If you're looking to increase your saddle comfort then this is your saddle. I contacted the manufacturer to help determine which one was best for me.The added comfort from this saddle has greatly improved my average speed as I have been able to spend more time in my aero bars.I little difficult to get aligned properly on my type of seat post (Trek Domane). Will be no problem on standard cradle-type seat post where the seat sits on top then the clamp on top of the rails.Best money I have spent on my bike in a long time. This was my second ISM saddle. The first one started making noises after one year of use (about 3,000 miles). I bought a second one; however, this one started making noises after three weeks of use. I returned it. Not buying ISM again. Finally found the saddle for me!Tried many and this is the ONE! Buy Discounts Gugxiom Portable Speaker, Low Voltage Computer Speaker Hook Hole Sports Outdoors => Sports => Cycling This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. ISM Saddles are engineered to ensure health, comfort, and performance for all types of cyclists Recommended by therapists and physiotherapists urologues, doctors, and specialist Model number: PL1.1 Country of origin is United States Product description The 2016 PL 1.1 is a new version of ISM's very popular Prologue saddle, with updated racing graphics. Like the other Performance Long models, the PL 1.1 features a full 270mm length, and generous 135mm rear section - perfect for riders who rotate back while climbing. Compared to the PL 1.0, the 1.1 has an increased level of padding - ideal for riding in thin triathlon-style shorts, or for anyone who simply wants a softer ride.. Like all ISM saddles, the PN 1.1 is nose-less and designed to remove pressure from your soft tissues, ensuring maximum blood flow, no genital numbness, and a healthier, more enjoyable ride.Features: Long shape allows for fore-aft movement Wider rear section than Performance Narrow Most padding available in Performance Long Category: Performance Long Length: 270mm Width: 135mm Padding: 40-Series Foam and Gel Rails: Satin Steel

Discounted Order Vintage Gugxiom Portable Speaker, Low Voltage Computer Speaker Hook Hole With Up to 70% Off

Musical Instruments => Drums Percussion => Hand Percussion Buy High Quality KVKA OM Design Crystal Singing Bowl A Note Third Eye Chakra 8 In Gugxiom Portable Speaker, Low Voltage Computer Speaker Hook Hole our editors and writers thoroughly evaluate all the latest product that come through our independent lab. This amazing crystal singing bowl is 8 inch A note 3rd Eye chakra, It is polished by hand,it is perfect one for help into the Meditation atmosphere, enjoy the sound bath. we will provide one rubber mallet and rubber o ring free Factory direct sales: We produced by high pure quartz, the purity more than 99.99%, the size from 6 inch to 24 inch,Each singing bowl looks bright and not very very white, the sond is sound is soothing, strong, and penetrating .We are directly operated by the factory, Support factory inspection,we will select them one by one before leave factory, Ensure high-quality products are in your hands.and getting the video sample is supported The crystal singing bowl are used worldwide ,for sound healing,Yoga practice, meditation, spiritual healer,fengshui, Enjoy the resonance, Meditation is relaxing, perfect sonic pure your sole and body and balace the chakra. all of our singing bowls based on 440hz,singing bowls have different frequency,432hz/perfect pitch is available,We support OEM ODM ,carving or colored frosted singing bowls. We use professional packaging methods to minimize the probability of damage, Once your bowl is broken, please contact in time, Risk Free 100% refund Guarantee,we support a 35-day replacement guarantee. Product description This crystal singing bowl is made with 99.99% pure quartz crystal, used in music appreciation.Quartz crystal vibrations sound energy comes from pure quartz, crystal sound healing and chakras meditation is also base upon purity quartz energy. How To Play: The operator maintains a calm mood, divides the bowl mouth into three equal parts, taps at these three points, or taps 6 times with the method of drawing a large satellite, and rubs the part of the bowl wall close to the bowl mouth clockwise or counterclockwise. Replenish energy clockwise, release energy counterclockwise, When using multiple bowls, please keep 2-30cm to prevent resonance from causing the sound to become dumb. Discounted Order Vintage Gugxiom Portable Speaker, Low Voltage Computer Speaker Hook Hole With Up to 70% Off


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