My Story

Justin Lorenz

At a very early age my parents purchased me a bicycle and I learned how to ride around the neighborhood.  At the age of 6, I began competing in triathlons and my passion for bikes was ignited.  
Now, at the age of 17, I am blessed to be able to compete at the national level of junior triathlon, and I get to race my bike around the United States in the USA Triathlon Junior Elite Triathlon Series.
Throughout my childhood, I viewed my bike as a piece of equipment that was built to help me race in the sport I enjoy doing. As I have grown older, I began to realize that bikes provide youth a sense of independence and helps to improve their quality of life.  Additionally, I began to notice that many youth in my community did not have the resources to purchase a bike.
As a result, I started Pedal Empowerment to provide new and gently used bikes to at-risk youth at the  Boys and Girls Club of Dundee Township (BGCDT).  Through a variety of marketing initiatives such as partnering with local events, local bike shops, social media, newspapers and word of mouth, I was able to jump start the bike drive.  In the middle of September 2018, we held our first drop off at BGCDT and I was able to provide the youth of our community with over $10,000 of donated bikes.  To give you a perspective, we had teenagers “earn” a bike, and they had never ridden a bike in their lifetime.  Seeing the joy in the youth’s faces upon receiving their bikes has spurred my desire to continue to collect bikes in the future and empower the youth of our community! 
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