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we are strives to be the most trusted product recommendation service on the internet. Patio, Lawn Garden => Pools, Hot Tubs Supplies => Filters Filter Media Order Discounted Comfortable Muscle Tape Sports Kinesiology Tape Support The Inju Sale Codes Comfortable Muscle Tape Sports Kinesiology Tape Support The Inju Pool Filter Cartridges, 300 Gallon Replacement Cartridge Filter Clean Impurities: The filter cartridge is effective filter-friendly filter element for more thorough filtration and filtration of impurities in water. Easy to Use: No assembly required, so you can easily use the filter cartridge. Easy to Clean: The filter cartridge is easy to clean and featured by fiber material. Wide Application: The filter cartridge is suitable for swimming pools, fish pond and so on. Small Tip: The filter cartridge should be replaced every two weeks. Product description Specifications(about): Name: 300 Gallon Pool Filter Cartridge Material: polyurethane + non-woven fabric Color: white Weight: about 70g Size: outer diameter: 79mm/, height: 86mm/, inner diameter: 45mm/ (outer diameter: 3.11 inch, height 3.38 inch, inner diameter 1.77 inch) Applicable filter: HS-630, D79*H86MM Flow rate: 300 gallons, about 3.78 liters per hour Packing List:  Filter Cartridge*1 Purchase Online Store

Order Discounted Comfortable Muscle Tape Sports Kinesiology Tape Support The Inju Sale Codes

I didnt appreciate paying so much for such delicate products to have them arrive without protection, loose inside the bag. Each hair is very delicate. Thats the whole point of buying new brushes.These are possibly the finest brushes I own!! I attached photos of their size. They hold a ton of water.They can cover a very large area and yet the point can still be used for great detail.These are made with the intention of not having to constantly be dipping your brush in water and paint.That interrupts the flow of the painting. Great paintings are made by using a continuous flow.These brushes allow that to happen.I also own the Russian Blue Squirrel brushes and they differ in their ability to snap.The blue squirell does not snap like the kolinsky. They are more of a mop type brush.Whereas, these brushes do not lose their shape. These brushes have a fat belly and a sharp point.Hence, you can make long continuous lines or long strokes without stopping to reload your brush.I attached some photos so that you can get a better perspective of the size of these brushes.In one photo I compare a size 12 kolinsky to a size 4 kolinsky Artissimo brush.I hope this helps!This is a five star brush that shipped in a one star manner. Just crudely thrown into a box without even a protective cap, much less in a bag to keep the cap on. It was entirely luck I managed to restore the brush to a usable state, and it lost some lifespan from its rough treatment.One of the things that I had a lot of trouble with was figuring out what size these brushes were so I included photos that provide size information in case others have the same problem I had (another reviewer provided good photos of the artissimo brushes in comparison to each other which I found really helpful so hopefully my photos add to that treasure trove).I ordered a size 0 and when it arrived tonight I laid it out with my other watercolor brushes and determined that is the tiniest bit larger than my size 8 round Winsor and Newton brush. My guess based on research would be that the size 3 is pretty close to a standard 12 but that is speculation on my part because I only purchased the size 0.This is the brush (that I have) that the size 0 Artissimo is closest to:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0060KSSNU/ref=twister_B01KUQFMSS?_encoding=UTF8amp;psc=1(The pointed round size 8 might be a closer match but I have the standard round.)It's also a very light brush, surprisingly so, weighs about 2 grams or less than 1/10 Oz; I could barely get it to register a weight on my kitchen scale. I note this because I'm used to heavier brushes and pens so I was surprised.The only issue that I had (and keep in mind I haven't painted with it yet, I literally unboxed it 30 minutes ago) was that when it first arrived there was no brush in the packaging it was shipped in, it came as just an empty plastic sleeve. I immediately returned it and two days later this brush arrived, well packaged, the bristles are protected by the hard plastic sleeve and again with a thin sheet of plastic wrapped around the bristles.I guess I can finally start painting my mom's Christmas present now that this brush finally arrived :-DdaVinci watercolor brushes are among the finest. This one arrived pitifully wrapped in cellophane. No protection for its point, which is a cause for some question at once, because these brushes would never be released from the manufacturer without at least the customary plastic tube around the ferrule protecting the bristles. As a result the bristles were bent pretty badly. This isn’t a game-changer as I can fix this with some brush cleaner and hot water, plus letting it dry afterwards with some soap residue to reshape it. But imagine my surprise when I was washing it..a good deal of blue paint released from the brush! Used brush! So I was sold a used brush at full price from this outfit, who also clearly does not know how to ship fine art materials! I would have returned it altogether, but no. It’s in my stable now, cleaned up, and in good order. Five stars for daVinci as always, zip for the Journalist. You guys gotta step up your game..I bought two Round 10 Size 2 brushes. One arrived with a protective cap, the other didn't. The uncapped brush fortunately only had one hair that was bent out of shape.I was able to use that brush today to paint some 28mm statues. I also had my current favorite brush to help with two brush blending (the Da Vinci Student Series 373, also Round Size 2). The Maestro lived up to its name, and the student needs a lot more education. The Maestro bulged beautifully, almost precisely in the middle between the ferrule and the needle-sharp tip. To achieve that tip only a slight rolling of the brush was required as I pulled it through a puddle of thinned acrylic.Laying down large swaths of color was, as one would expect from any brush, easy. The brush held so much paint I started to question whether I was blanking on the moments when I reloaded; but no! This brush simply holds a lot of paint.The test came when I needed to paint the statue's eyes, and paint the 1mm wide sash. I could not have asked for better precision. The tip was so pointed I had to make actual brush strokes to lay paint on the eye. I was able to paint in the very narrow crevice between the figure's folded clothing and the belt, without any of the paint brushing onto the clothes.Then came two brush blending. The Student, while a very nice brush and my favorite of the low-cost options, felt like a toothbrush in comparison to the Maestro. The Student's bristles were hard, and pushed back against my hand where the Maestro's bristles are impossibly soft, yield to the pressure and snap back to a point. The Student's tip felt like I was using an old sharpie compared to the fine drafting pen of the Maestro. A new frustration arose when I had to reload the Student at least twice for each time I loaded the Maestro.Currently the Maestro is twice as expensive as the Student, but is definitely more than twice the brush. If this lasts as long as a Student I will be ecstatic. Series 10 has european style shaping with an extra-sharp point and the fastest action at the tip The maestro designation denotes the highest quality winter male kolinsky red sable hair from the tobol river region in eastern siberia Excellent for watercolors, gouache, illustration, animation and rendering Brushes are handmade from raw material to finished brush by skilled artisans at the da Vinci factory Certified green manufacturing at the da vinci factory in germany Product description Style:Round Series 10  |  Size:Size 0 Series 10 has European style shaping with an extra-sharp point and the fastest action at the tip. The Maestro designation denotes the highest quality winter male Kolinsky Red Sable hair from the Tobol River region in Eastern Siberia. Excellent for Watercolors, Illustration, Animation and Rendering. All brushes are handmade from raw material to finished brush by skilled artisans at the da Vinci factory. • Seamless, nickel plated brass ferrules are rust-resistant and long lasting. Sizes 10/0 to 50. From the manufacturer The da Vinci Maestro is ideal for watercolors, gouache, illustration, animation, and rendering. da Vinci Watercolor Brushes The ancient Egyptians used a carefully thought out system to irrigate the fertile soil of the Nile valley during long dry periods, using interconnected cisterns to ensure water levels stayed consistent. da Vinci watercolor brushes use a similar model to uniformly deliver paint to paper, creating thousands of tiny hollow spaces between the hairs that act as cisterns while also making use of capillaries that allow liquid to flow vertically along the brush hairs. Made from the noblest and most precious brush hair, da Vinci watercolor brushes offer a fine holding capacity, a lively elasticity in the bristles, and excellent shape retention when new paint is absorbed. da Vinci Maestro Watercolor Brushes Made from natural Kolinsky red sable hair Using hair from select male Kolinsky red sable tails, da Vinci Maestro watercolor brushes hold a perfect point, possess plenty of elasticity, have a high capacity for holding color, and feature an expertly shaped tip with snap. Thanks to the cold winters of Siberia, Kolinsky red sable hair grows long and strong, characteristics that lend it springiness and shape retention as well as an enormous ability to absorb color — a must for fluid watercolor painting. Series 10 with Round brush Available in sizes 10/0 to 36 and 50 European style shaping with an extra-sharp point and the fastest action at the tip Handle made with sustainable wood from German forestry Seamless rust-resistant, long-lasting ferrules made of nickel- or gold-plated brass Inhabiting the Tobol River region in Eastern Siberia, the Kolinsky red sable is known for its extraordinarily beautiful, bushy tail, which produces a very strong, straight, fine tip. Hand-crafted from raw material to finished brush by skilled artisans at the da Vinci factory in Germany, all da Vinci brushes are tested individually to ensure the finest tips and reliable performance. (Series 5530 CosmoTop brush hair shown above.) Select Series paintbrushes feature da Vinci's patented 'esagonal handle', which includes six imperceptible flattenings at the thickest part of the handle to prevent rolling and limit hand fatigue. Series 10 Series 11 Series 35 Series 1301 Series 428 Series 1200k Kolinsky Red Sable Hair ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Brush Shape Round Round Round Flat Round Liner/Rigger Brush Characteristics European-style shaping with extra-sharp point and fast action at the tip Fuller English-style body with extra-sharp point and fast action at the tip Extra-long taper at the tip that's great for fast, loose watercolor painting Thick belly feeds sharp painting edge to lay down even washes with great control Unique point allows for full strokes across the paper; quill allows for longer length Medium length sharp needle point for lettering, long lines or fine line detail work Sizes 10/0 to 36 and 50 10/0 to 24 3/0 to 24 2 to 35 0 to 6 10/0 to 24 Esagonal Handle Shape ✓ Polished Handle ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Naturally Lacquered Handle ✓ da Vinci: A Hand-Crafted Tradition Lives On For three generations, da Vinci has created the highest quality artist and specialty brushes. The roots of da Vinci Brushes date back to 1890 in Nuremberg, Germany — a global center for the traditional art of brush making at the time. Beginning in the 1950s, the company took on the name of the universal genius of the Renaissance — Leonardo da Vinci. Today, this family-owned business offers the largest selection of artist brushes in the world, with each brush hand-crafted with pride to exacting standards. Combining the best raw materials available with the most up-to-date production processes, skilled brush makers draw on centuries-old wisdom and input from contemporary professional artists to create brushes of unsurpassed beauty, quality, and endurance. Made in Germany, the da Vinci line includes cosmetic brushes, artist brushes, hobby and school brushes, nail brushes, and dental brushes. Arts, Crafts Sewing => Painting, Drawing Art Supplies => Painting da Vinci Watercolor Series 10 Maestro Paint Brush, Round Kolinsk Order Discounted Comfortable Muscle Tape Sports Kinesiology Tape Support The Inju Sale Codes Comfortable Muscle Tape Sports Kinesiology Tape Support The Inju Buy Or Sell we've got a dedicated customer support team ready and waiting to deal with any of your issues,


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