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These gloves are not in a box, they are in a clear plastic bag. They are a jumbled up mess and all stuck together. I would not suggest buying from this seller at all. I’m very disappointed. I have no idea if there are even 100 gloves in this mess.Took a month to get here. They are not great quality. They all com stuffed in a plastic bag. So who knows where they’ve been. I would not buy these again.What a bunch of crap! What I received was NOT what was shown or advertised. I received a crushed box of cheap gloves that are far inferior to the other gloves that I have purchased on Amazon. I should have known better than to think that at the price per box, that I would receive a product worthy of the more expensive brand.BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE!!!They came in a bag with the gloves sealed to the bag several gloves were ruined . These gloves are very thin and break very easily !Before COVID, I was using a high-end glove. The choices during the COVID peak were overpriced and often poorly made. I chose these more or less at random. I got lucky. These are decent Nitrile gloves. The medium size is true to fit. My spouse, is super sensitive to vinyl, so I'm sure these are legit Nitrile. I normally need a large, but these can survive shoving my bigger mitts into them without tearing. A reasonable value during strange times. Even tho I read many comments that state they received in a bag...... mine actually showed up in two boxes of 50. But in pics for advertising the product it shows them using for rough stuff. I have hand dermatitis so I use gloves for a lot. My first use was just to get laundry in washer and when I was done a bunch of the fingers tips were busted through like I had been using on sand paper. I would totally stay away from these. I didn’t think they were going to be total tear proof, but for price thought I would get something somewhat decent. The gloves were packaged in a cellophane bag inside a box. The box was undamaged. My wife opened the bag at the end without damaging the gloves inside. Initially and for about half of the box/bag the gloves were fine. As my wife reached the last half she began pulling out damaged gloves. The first glove on the left is an extreme example. The glove on the right is torn on the edge which you can see as a peak on the right photo. If you try to pull on a glove like that it simply continues to tear and is unusable. This has occurred 14+ times. There is nothing to suggest it didn't come from the manufacturer in that condition. Gloves were removed by removing the cellophane bag from the box end and then removing gloves from the opened bag. The oval "tissue box" opening on the top of the box was never used as it would be necessary to either slit the bag down the center without damaging the gloves inside or removing all the gloves and placing them inside the box.Same time given for shipping dates June 23 -July 15 Blue Nitrile Gloves , Box of 100 pcs, 4 mil, Size Medium, Latex Discount USA Outlet Health Household => Household Supplies => Cleaning Tools Unisex fashion Black Braided Charming Bracelet with Blue Evil Ey At the price Unisex fashion Black Braided Charming Bracelet with Blue Evil Ey Max 56% OFF Nitrile Pull On closure QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Providing more protection and eliminating allergies associated with latex gloves,Gloves are expertly crafted out of nitrile material to provide optimal protection and comfort. OPTIMAL COMFORT: The nitrile gloves are designed with a highly elastic fit and beaded cuffs to provide a snug, secure fit when wearing gloves for extended periods of time. Additionally, they offer tactile sensitivity for delicate patient care. UTMOST PROTECTION: Ambidextrous and disposable, these non-allergenic and non-irritating gloves are tested and approved for protection against fentanyl exposure, and strong enough to protect against liquids and chemicals. MULTI-PURPOSE USE: The Dealmed Nitrile Grade Exam Gloves are ideal for all-use, police investigations, lab work, hair coloring, tattooing, food prep, painting, cleaning, pet care, home improvements, hobbies, and arts amp; crafts. EFFICIENT SERVICE:If the product is damaged after you receive it, please contact us through Amazon in time. We will provide you with attentive service. Product description Features amp; Specs - Single Use Only - Medical Exam Grade - 4 Mil Thickness - Ambidextrous - Non SterileMulti Use Gloves - Surgical Gloves - Household Gloves - Cleaning Gloves - Cooking Gloves - Food Prep Gloves - Salon Gloves - Tattoo Parlor Gloves - Gardening Gloves - First Aid Gloves - Hair Stylist Gloves - Medical Gloves we’re not going anywhere! unlike some of our competitors we don’t have shareholders so we can focus on giving you our best possible deals and prices rather than trying to make money to pay bonuses!

At the price Unisex fashion Black Braided Charming Bracelet with Blue Evil Ey Max 56% OFF

Love the flavor , nice packaging and fast shipping. 10/10 for this hot sauce . It’s one of those hot sauces that’s great for any meal just about . At the price Unisex fashion Black Braided Charming Bracelet with Blue Evil Ey Max 56% OFF the individuals behind my story remain true to the company's roots Gator Hammock, Hot Sauce Sauce, 10 Fl Oz, 2-Pack Outlet Sale UK Grocery Gourmet Food => Pantry Staples => Sauces, Gravies Marinades Unisex fashion Black Braided Charming Bracelet with Blue Evil Ey


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