Ranking TOP2 PAPCOOL ‘Manzanillo’ Olive Olea Europaea P.l.a.n.t from 4 to 6 I Discount Compare

Ranking TOP2 PAPCOOL ‘Manzanillo’ Olive Olea Europaea P.l.a.n.t from 4 to 6 I Discount Compare Pet Supplies => Fish Aquatic Pets => Aquarium Water Treatments API MARINE CALCIUM Reef Aquarium Calcium Solution 16-Ounce Bottl PAPCOOL ‘Manzanillo’ Olive Olea Europaea P.l.a.n.t from 4 to 6 I Great source of calcium I alreadyHave had a great improvement withOnly 2 doses .This is also great for fresh waterMystery Snails it actually improvedThere shell hardness and will not harmYour fresh water fish .My snails shells were cracking and it made me sad. Research suggested a Calcium defficiency in my tank. I use this in my freshwater 55 gallon and my snails have never looked healthier! Perfect.Got this for my snails which lived with my Beta fish. I followed the instructions but I think this is what ended up killing my Beta. Once she died, all I have are 3 snails which have been doing great with it. So from my experience, it's good for snails, no good for Betas. It really helped their shell quality, and they've definitely grown if this has anything to do with that.I've used this before and am very happy with the results. The item came in good time, however, it was not well packaged and the bottle as only half full when received, the other half was in the packing which was completely soaked with the product. The seller did not respond to my email in regard to returning the product.The only reason I would not recommend was the poor packaging for shipping. Other than that the item is as described and works well. I have some with every meal. I would highly recommend. I probably go through a bottle a week, but it's worth it.Decided to try this out.. I used this for my freshwater RC shrimp tank, along with cory cats and a couple snails. They all look healthy, and are breeding well. My snails have clean and smooth shells, no white peeling or cracked shells. The plants seem to not have any affect and are doing well too.Bought for my snail with poor shell growth. It does help a ton for growing a healthy snail shell. You can see the progress like the growth on a fingernail and it's starting to look better. I bought this for my nerite and mystery snails, as their shells looked a bit damaged when I bought them. I tried cuttlebones, Tums, and crushed eggshells, also Wonder Shells, and nothing was working very well. After buying this product, I dose 5ml in 20gals weekly after 75% water changes. Freshwater aquarium. The snails are growing quickly, the mystery snail is now HUGE! The shrimp also appreciate it as well, I have been seeing more intact molts. Just keep in mind that minerals like calcium do not evaporate, so unless you are changing 100% of the water each time you add calcium (not recommended!), the concentration will increase. I check the kH and gH levels weekly as well to monitor this. today, we are a member of online shop group with over 70 retail stores in usa and tokyo employing over 1,000 staff. Contains one (1) API MARINE CALCIUM Reef Aquarium Calcium Solution 16-Ounce Bottle For proper health and growth of corals Natural source of calcium Promotes vibrant colorations Use whenever testing shows a calcium level below 400 ppm Product description API MARINE CALCIUM supports health, growth, and vibrant coloration of corals in reef aquariums. Provides a natural source of essential calcium for healthier, more colorful corals and reef invertebrates, including snails, shrimp, crabs, clams, and mollusks, as well as coralline algae. The calcium concentration of a reef aquarium should be between 400-500 ppm. Use whenever testing shows a calcium level below 400 ppm. Dose according to directions on product label. Treats up to 948 US gallons of salt water. With API Aquarium products, it’s easy to keep a beautiful saltwater, freshwater or reef aquarium. For over 50 years, API has been creating innovative, research-driven solutions that make it easier to care for your fish and aquarium. API Aquarium Treatment Supplies are designed to work in conjunction with each other to provide best results to control algae, promote healthy bacterial growth and help control and cure fish diseases and conditions such as ich and fin rot. They work to provide a safe, hospitable environment for fish such as tropical community fish, cichlids, goldfish and more. With API, you can spend more time admiring your fish, and less time scrubbing your tank. Make sure to use all products as directed in order to ensure the best results. From the manufacturer It’s Smart To Be Proactive! The best way to keep your aquarium clean is to maintain good water quality. This will keep your fish strong and vibrant, as well as preventing disease. How Do I Maintain A Healthy Environment? It is important to test your aquarium water weekly to verify good quality in addition to a bi-weekly partial water change of no more than 25% to help reduce toxic buildup, remove debris the filter missed, and replenish the oxygen available to fish. How Do I Take Good Care Of My Aquarium amp; Fish? Feed amp; observe fish daily Test water quality weekly Change 25% water every 2 weeks Restore your ecosystem monthly Feed Your Fish Daily Feed your fish twice daily with API Fish Food which contains nutritionally enhanced proteins, allowing for easy uptake of nutrients and maximum absorption, resulting in less excrement for clear, clean water. Take time to observe fish to ensure they are active amp; healthy and be sure to check water temperature. Test Water Quality Weekly An aquarium is a closed environment and in order for fish to thrive, water must be similar to that which could be found in their natural environment. Poor water quality can cause fish stress, illness and even loss. The 5 common water quality parameters are Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, and pH - all of which may vary over time and all are invisible to the eye which is why it is important to test weekly with API MASTER TEST KITS or API 5-IN-1 TEST STRIPS. It is also a good time to add API STRESS ZYME to keep your aquarium amp; gravel clean. Change 25% Water Every 2 Weeks In a closed aquarium environment there are no natural rivers or streams to carry away debris and other waste materials. It is important to renew 25% of the aquarium water every two weeks. When you change the water, it is important to know that tap water contains chemicals that make it safe for us to drink but harmful for fish, therefore add a water conditioner such as API STRESS COAT. Restore Your Ecosystem Monthly It is important to change your filter media amp; clean gravel monthly, however in doing so it can disrupt the fragile ecosystem of your aquarium. Use API QUICK START to strengthen it with ‘beneficial’ nitrifying bacteria that will naturally consume toxic compounds and help prevent fish stress. Also recommended when starting a new aquarium or changing the water. FEED FISH DAILY TEST WATER QUALITY WEEKLY CHANGE 25% WATER EVERY 2 WEEKS RESTORE ECOSYSTEM MONTHLY API TEST KITS API STRESS ZYME API ALGAEFIX API STRESS COAT API QUICK START API MELAFIX Use Weekly Helps monitor water quality Keeps aquarium clean Controls algae growth Use Every 2 Weeks Makes tap water safe when changing water Restores the ecosystem to help prevent fish stress Use Monthly Restores the ecosystem to help prevent fish stress Use When Adding New Fish Prevents disease breakout Making A Better Underwater World At API, we understand the rewards and relaxation of fishkeeping because we have a passion for fish too. For almost 60 years API has developed premium solutions with proven and effective results for your family and ours. API offers a range of testing kits, water conditioners, and nutritionally superior food, because we’re dedicated to making a better underwater world. UK Pre

Ranking TOP2 PAPCOOL ‘Manzanillo’ Olive Olea Europaea P.l.a.n.t from 4 to 6 I Discount Compare

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