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equally important is the relationship we build with the designers and brands we support. we want them to share the same ideals so that we can grow together out of a basis of mutual respect. New York Mall Raw Rough Sapphire Gemstone Bar Necklace- Genuine Sapphire- Wome Shop Online For Sale Looked identical to filter it replaced except for the numbers stamped on it. Even has the little clip to hold the solenoid wire.Fairly easy to install and not too messy either thanks to Toyota providing a drain plug. Pan magnet location seems important so pay attention to where they go. I didn't and had to do some googling.Be careful not to over torque the little 10mm pan bolts. Spec is 43 INCH/pounds which is not much tighter then I was able to get them with a ratcheting screwdriver. Fit perfectly. WIX makes great products. I’ve used the same set up for another vehicle and after a few years, no gasket leak or issues. Can’t go wrong. I changed my transmission filter at 120,000 miles. The original filter looked fine, there was particles collecting in the filter. Not a ton. I change my transmission fluid every 60,000 thousand miles. I’ve never had transmission issues. Claims to fit 1998 chevy prizm. DID NOT FIT. The gasket was the same but the filter was not. The filter should be a rectangle not a circle. Ended up getting correct one from Autozone same day. Returned this. My car had a transmission leak, when I checked it was part of the pan that was leaking. It is for a 1999 Camry LE. I only had this car for under a year now. When I got the pan off, I could see it was the original gasket on the car. Some people just don't know that you should change your fluid every couple of years. Since I changed this, I have yet to see a leak.With all the local auto parts stores, I was willing to wait on the Wix filter kit. Yeah, I could buy it locally, but for close to the list price. Even Amsoil stakes their reputation on it is the filter kit of choice on their website. The gasket is of high quality and the instructions were clear. Since you're changing your own, as I do, be sure to check out a full flush of fluid when you change out the filter...that way you get totally clean fluid along with your new filter. With a little dry tac spray this gasket sealed perfectly on my 1999 Camry LE with the 4 cyl engine. Filter was the exact match. Refill was 2.6 qts of any Dextron ATF. Only one avail where I did the work was Dextron 4. When car was built only Dexron 2 was avail. All subsequent formulas just improve heat dissipation and lubricity. WIX does it again! This kit fit the 1992 Geo Prizm base model perfectly and after torquing the bolts to 12 ft lbs no leaks whatsoever. The tranny runs great again with new fluid and a new filter. Don't forget to clean the magnet found in the bottom of the tray. usually filled with fine particulates! Make that transmission run smoother and shift easier!I've used and liked Wix oil filters, so when I wanted to change my transmission filter, they were an easy choice. I had no issues installing the filter and gasket, and I'm confident the filter is doing it's job inside the pan. Of course, the filter is just a screen, to catch large particles, same as the OEM filter. The gasket is rubber, unlike the cork OEM, but that lets it hold all 15 pan bolts in place for reinstallation, and I haven't had any leaks. WIX Filters - 58994 Automatic Transmission Filter, Pack of 1 Raw Rough Sapphire Gemstone Bar Necklace- Genuine Sapphire- Wome Automotive => Replacement Parts => Filters This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Pleated paper filter Highly durable and reliable Provides a mesh support screening Easy installation and maintenance Increased resistance to wear and corrosion Product description Wix Automatic Transmission Filter Kits prevent contaminants from entering the automatic transmission unit. They are made of pleated paper which filters various types of suspended materials. These filters can easily be installed and requires low maintenance. Store Online

New York Mall Raw Rough Sapphire Gemstone Bar Necklace- Genuine Sapphire- Wome Shop Online For Sale

All items free shipping Editorial Reviews James Blake has long been a hip-hop ally. Not only has his own discography cemented him as a critically acclaimed artist, the multiple Grammy award-nominee and Mercury Prize winner has worked with artists from the likes of Drake, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Frank Ocean and more. 2018 was a massive year for the producer, singer and song-writer who collaborated with Kendrick Lamar on the era-defining Black Panther soundtrack and lent his vocals to Travis Scott's "Stop Trying To Be God." James Blake in love. Leans more hip hop on a couple, gets more vocally adventurous. Excellent production.Great album (5 stars). Jewel case was severely damaged.When we last heard from James Blake, it was three years ago with "The Colour In Anything" album, a marked departure from his prior two albums, the intriguing self-titled 2011 debut album and the 2013 "Overgrown" album that is nothing short of a flawless and mind-blowing masterpiece. Since "Colour", Blake has been quite busy with a number of projects, including his more frequent collaborations with "big names" like Bon Iver, Chance the Rapper, and of course last year's massive "King's Dead" single from the Black Panther soundtrack, featuring Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock and Future. Now comes Blake's fourth album."Assume Form" (12 tracks; 48 min.) opens with the jarring and nervous title track. Next come "Mile High (featuring Travis Scott and Metro Boomin)" (2nd UK single), and "Tell Them" (feat. Moses Sumney amp; Metro Boomin), which don't do much for me either. "Into the Red" on the other hand, immediately sounds familiar and comforting. This continues on "Barefoot In the Park (feat. ROSALIA)", which is my favorite tune from Side A, a brooding and haunting tune, just beautiful. Side B opens with "Are You In Love?", a lovely piece. "Where's The Catch? (feat. André 3000)" could be another massive hit like "King's Dead". "I'll Come Too" turns more introspective. Two of my favorite tracks on this album come at the very end: "Don't Miss It" (1st UK single), which has what I would call the 'traditional' (ol' school) James Blake sound you heard on the first two albums. Then there is the album-closing "Lullaby For My Insomniac" (3rd UK single), and the song's title says all you need to know. These last 2 tracks contain the haunting and emotional slowburner sound that I absolutely loved on the early stuff from James Blake, but which he is more or less abandoning, a trend that started on"The Colour of Anything" and that is clearly continuing on "Assume Form".You haven't had the full James Blake experience yet if you haven't see him live. I saw him (with his backing band) several times in the early years when he was touring in support of this first two albums. What an incredible experience that was. Even though I'm not liking his "evolving" sound as much as the early stuff, I'll still go see him in concert anytime, anywhere. If you have a chance to catch him live, do not miss him!HEY ALTERNATIVE DUB SOUL PIONEERS, I HAVE HEARD MUSIC FROM MR BLAKE BEFORE BUT THIS IS MY FIRST PURCHASE FROM HIM. THIS FINDS A LITTLE JUMBLED AS IF HE TRYING TO STAY TRUE TO HIMSELF YET APPEAL TO LARGER AUDIENCE. NOT A BAD RELEASE BUT SIMPLY OK!This is an amazing album. All of the songs are great and simply best music out right now. Press play and find bliss with this albumOn replay! New York Mall Raw Rough Sapphire Gemstone Bar Necklace- Genuine Sapphire- Wome Shop Online For Sale CDs Vinyl => Dance Electronic => Dubstep Raw Rough Sapphire Gemstone Bar Necklace- Genuine Sapphire- Wome we can’t wait to see you! as we open our stores, we may need to temporarily adjust store hours or close stores. Assume Form


‘I want readers to feel like a world can exist where you don’t need armor to live as yourself’: Isaac Fitzsimons discusses The Passing Playbook

Isaac Fitzsimons’ novel The Passing Playbook was released earlier this year to great acclaim. Becky Albertalli hailed it as ‘a sharply observant and vividly drawn...