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Sale Outlet Store Replacement Part for KMH Mini Speedometer 2240:60 Tachometer 1 Save 35%

Replacement Part for KMH Mini Speedometer 2240:60 Tachometer 1 our website is the only official online portal . I bought a boat with very limited dash space, and previous owner had removed larger tach gauge to install a radio. I wanted to keep the radio, but also really wanted tach. To overcome this, I removed a 2" battery voltage meter (redundant, as battery voltage measured by my fishfinder).This meter fit perfectly in the space of the 2" voltmeter. The white backlight is a little bright when used, but the light that illuminates the needle in normal operation is enough that the backlight isn't really important.As for accuracy, I'm not so sure. I have a 3 cylinder 4-stroke (Honda 50hp), and the 3 cylinder setting on the tach was not accurate for my engine (it was reading up to 7500 rpm at WOT, which I know from sound of engine is incorrect. I have read up online that the poor accuracy I'm seeing on this tachometer is likely the fault of my engine, not the tach, and to correct may require addition of resistor). Until I can confirm engine rpm via spark plug coil, I've upped the setting to "4" on the tach, and the gauge is reading reasonable. It would be nice if further adjustment of settings was possible (such as setting a user defined speed ratio, essentially three dials which could be used to enter a %).I installed this to replace a broken tach on a Wheel Horse 520-H tractor with an Onan P-220 engine. The factory gauges are mounted to a metal dash panel and covered with a plastic gauge panel. The bezel on this unit was too thick to fit between the two panels. I used a 2" dia. flap wheel to increase the hole in the plastic panel about 1/16" and installed the new tach on top of the plastic gauge panel. I wired the unit per the wiring diagram on the instructions. I connected the signal wire to the negative side of the Onan ignition coil. I set the ratio on number three and adjusted the pot to match a laser tach on the output of the crankshaft. The adjustments are hard to see. I found that removing both rubber plugs and shining a pen light through one of the holes while making the other adjustment was very helpful - need a jewelers screw driver with a 1/16" wide blade. Also, I found adjusting the the tach before mounting in the dash was much easier. After calibration I unplugged the tach, mounted it in the dash and reinserted the wiring plug. The needle on the gauge is a bit "jumpy" . The Onan is a two cylinder engine and fires both cylinders at the same time. I would expect that the gauge would work better on an engine with more cylinders. This was the only tach I could find - Toro discontinued the factory tach. I would say the performance for this application is fair to good. It beats trying to judge RPM by ear.I put this small tach into the dash of my 1993 Ford Ranger (V6). I had to modify the dash to accommodate the tach. The face is small, but easily read. I didn't buy this with performance in mind; I believe it is too small for that purpose. However, it shows me the RPM range easily enough, and it assisted in training my son to drive a manual transmission! At the price point, you can't beat it. The tach is adjustable for every engine from 1 to 10 cylinders with an easy adjustment on the back.The media could not be loaded.  This product appeared to be good quality for the price, but it works horribly. It’s not quite as responsive as I would like. I have the dial set to eight for my V8, but the needle drops around 4000 rpm for some reason. The secondary light connected to the light switch comes on with the switch, but doesn’t turn off with the switch. The back lighting is good, and is probably all that is needed. The secondary light with the switch is far too bright anyways.I installed this into my 67 Mustang. It's running off an MSD box tach signal. The instructions are sub optimal, but I got it in and working after a few wiring splices. I would expect the wires marked Dash 12V to be switched, but apparently not.Their tuning dials are some sort of sensitivity and the numbers are not cylinder count. On my 6 cyl I have it at 3 and adjusted to the max and it's off by about 230 RPM. I used my Bosch Timing light as a calibrator. For 50 bucks and adjustable, I expected it to be bang on. Not off by 10%.Update: I have it stalled on an automatic, so RPM rarely goes above 3k. But when it does, the needle is pretty jumpy. It looks nice, a little too bright at night, but not uncomfortably so.The media could not be loaded.  Super nice tach, ordered it for my cummins swap chevy that didnt have a tach and hooked it up to the w post on the alternator and it seems to work great just make sure you pull the rubber knobs off the back and set the number of cylinders you have with the turn dial inside of the tach using a mini screw driver! feels like nice quality and it looks great i am overall hap out with the outcome of the product, bang for your buck at 33 bucksWorked fine out of the box. Diesel gauge will require connection to the alternator (not the coil on older gas engines) to read rpms. Gauge will momentally move the needle across the dial when powered up but returns to 0 and functions normally when engine is started. Mine is being used on a gas engine because I needed a 6k tachI have this hooked up to my alternator w terminal and love it. You'll need an optical or external tach to calibrate it but that's not too hard to do. A few adjustments, check and re-adjust and you're done. Pretty simple and the instructions were pretty good. Works with responsive and smooth movement. MOTOR METER RACING Universal Tachometer for Gasoline 2" 8000 RPM Automotive => Replacement Parts => Lighting Electrical Sale Outlet Store Replacement Part for KMH Mini Speedometer 2240:60 Tachometer 1 Save 35% This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. SPECIFICATION: Standard 2" (52mm) dial for a 2-1/16" (52.4mm) opening. Tachometer is suitable for Gasoline, any 1 to 10 cylinder gas powered engine amp; 12V negative ground systems. Adjust the number of cylinders easily form gauge back. FEATURES: Designed for in-dash; Swiss Stepper Movement, certification for IP67, 304 stainless steel bezel with a convex lens, white amp; amber LED illumination, the dial has UV protection, easy installation (using pin-style wiring). PACKAGED: Power harness, Screw Bracket, O-ring, installation manual. WARRANTY: One-year for non-human factor damage amp; Free lifetime technical support. Made in Taiwan Product Description Cheap Sale Store


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