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I love the 90s when things were more simple, I love Seattle, I love this movie, I love Meg Ryan, Rosie O'Donnell, Tom Hanks, the kid which should be about 30 by now... They are all so perfect in this film. Sigh... Getting nostalgic every time I watch this little gem. I miss the 90s. I miss the Seattle from back then. I wish I had a time machine. I have always loved this movie and enjoyed seeing it so much again that I watched it twice! They don't make movies like this anymore, everything seems to be poor quality, sex, people who are confused about life, etc. It is nice to watch a movie where people aren't all messed up in their ideas of how life should be. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are great together, I also loved them in You've Got Mail.There is nothing like love between a man and a woman. An idea lost today with so many perversions the norm. Me and women complimenting each other rather than arguing that gender is on a endless unknowable spectrum. Geesh. Sadly, ive never had love like this, but every time I watch it I get a little more hopeful.I watched this movie on what was rather a boring Sunday afternoon in Seattle. I am not a very big fan of classic movies, nevertheless, tried this movie since I had heard good reviews about it from a friend and also I enjoy catching a romantic flick once in a while. Both Meg Ryan and Tom Hank's were simply amazing and definitely have academy deserving acting performances!! Oh lets not forget that kid actor who played Jonah. He was pretty sharp too "just like me when I was younger". Also, as I from the 90's, the movie brought fond memories of the telephone, radio, old computers and other old technology which only surprisingly added an another flavor of comedy. I was actually pretty impressed with the accuracy of search engine used by Meg!!. Overall, the emotions and shades of pure love is wrapped in a nice feel good story and I think this movie sets the bar high for RomCom movies. I am pretty sure older people will have so much more to say about this movie but all I am saying is even though I belong to Gen Y/Gen Z, I felt the movie was not a total waste of my time.I bought this favorite film as a gift for my mother. We tried to view it but the picture kept breaking up, starting about 10 minutes into the film. Impossible to watch! Very poor in quality. I looked at other reviews and found similar complaints. One person even tried to buy it a second time but that disc was also defective. Will have to try elsewhere to find another version that WORKS!I can’t count how many times my wife and I have watched Sleepless in Seattle, but it’s been enough... and when Amazon had a great deal we got it streaming to add to our streaming library. I’ll have to admit - I love everything up to the point Hanks and Ryan get together - I have never been a fan of their chemistry or more to the point, lack there of. But the film is a great ride and has countless charming moments and great acting.This is a story of daring to love again. The relationship between the son and father hinges on them moving on after the death of Hank’s onscreen wife. They were deeply in love and he’s hurting. On the other coast Meg has spent her life doing what’s expecting, being boring, and now she’s getting engaged to the wrong guy - who’s far too much the right guy. (again, I’m a bigger fan of she and that guy staying together, as she and Hanks just do not click - my wife agrees). But beyond that everything is a great ride. The cast is outstanding, the characters interesting and unique, and the story itself is good - a fun RomCom. On the other side, this movie has given us some fun and memorable moments - Rosie and Meg crying over old movies, Hanks’ real life wife, Rita, crying over old movies, Hanks and Gray crying over old movies... and the radio host giving us some of the original “real world drama” on Christmas night - when Meg sings Horses, horses, horses...This is a date night film, a Sunday afternoon, cuddle with your wife, or rainy day way to spend some time enjoying something delightful.Probably this movie's reputation as an all-time romcom classic spoiled it for me -- I simply couldn't care about the two leads getting together. The chemistry between Tom Hanks and his son is fantastic; they rival Liam Neeson and his stepson in Love Actually. But with Meg Ryan's character being only half-established (she's neurotic like in "When Harry Met Sally", but here it's just random quirks rather than an important part of her character) and the pair never meeting until the end, I just couldn't get emotionally invested. There are funny parts -- the running gag about women loving "An Affair to Remember" and men not even knowing the movie exists was funny -- but compared to "It Happened One Night", "Bringing Up Baby", "Top Hat", "When Harry Met Sally", "Love Actually", "The Shop Around the Corner", or "Breakfast at Tiffany's", this doesn't make the "Top Romcoms of All Time" for me at all. For emotional engagement, I'd say it's not even on par with "You've Got Mail", which gets fewer accolades. Not a bad movie, but not up to the hype.We all know the movie was fantastic. The Blu Ray DVD of this movie, however, did not quite stand up to the quality of current Blu Ray discs. In fact, to the naked eye, was only "slightly" higher quality than a regular Standard Definition DVD. Which made the quality severely disappointing. A remaster in 4K is in order here, befitting of an American Classic such as Sleepless In Seattle. Sleepless in Seattle VHS aiding us in our endeavour is the relationship we have with our customers. to enhance this we encourage them to give us their views and engage in a dialogue with us at our website, also serves as a channel for us to highlight new arrivals and promotions. Movies TV => Studio Specials => Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Buy Cheap Shop Ebanel Bundle of Hemorrhoid Master, and Numb25 Lidocaine 5% Topi Outlet Cheap Store Editorial Reviews Hippest. frankest, and funniest date-movie around. Ebanel Bundle of Hemorrhoid Master, and Numb25 Lidocaine 5% Topi Shop Offers

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