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Discounts Online Clearance Sale CDPrior to purchasing "Sound-Dust", I read several reviews that hinted at Stereolab treading old ground. I'm not sure exactly what these snobs were expecting, but what I got is a beautiful, magical album that gets better and better every time I hear it.Now I'm not going to lie, the album won't surprise you too much if you're familiar with their work of the late 90's and early aughts. But they add so much to it. There are moments of pure audio bliss. I liked this album quite a bit upon my first listen, but there were also some things that disappointed me. The vocals sounded forced in spots, and I didn't like some of the arrangements. Upon repeated listenings, everything blends seamlessly. The songs are beautiful, complex, just...lush. And not cheesey either. How a band can have so many "la la la's" in the background and not sound corny at all is truly amazing. A buncha stuff going on and still completely accessible.I listen to everything from country to metal but I'm very picky about every category. I've never heard a band like this before. Their music appeals to me on almost every level of musical enjoyment. They don't quite do for me what good old-fashioned punk rock will (though their live shows are just as fun) but it's as if Stereolab fused together all these kinds of music that some might categorize as "background" and demanded attention from it.If you like Stereolab or adventurous music at all, I can't imagine that you won't enjoy this CD. I guess in any review Stereolab would be categorized as "alternative" and I suppose that's as good a grouping as any, but still doesen't do the groop justice. No songs particularly stand out. I like some more than others but if you like it, you'll like all of it. This disc might be my favorite of theirs. Don't pass this one up.From the early 1990s organ drones of  Mars Audiac Quintet  to the lush cinematech orchestrations of 1997  Dots amp; Loops , the great Stereolab spent a decade building a grand sound, an album a year, an album at a time.And for a band that does not use synthesizers, there is a hell of a lot of synthesis. Of minimalists ideas from Terry Riley to Can to the Velvet Underground, 1960s Euro heroes like Serge Gainsbourg and Krztof Komeda, to swinging pad cocktail records of the same era.If Stereolab falls into formula. that is a pretty complex formula to fall into: the possible permutations are endless. If I am wrong, so what, the elements combined make one glorious noise.On 2001s Sound Dust, with the band in full maturity. Sound established, they add little textures: jazzy horns, slide guitar. They bend the music into subtly different nuances.So if this is the sound of a great band standing still, so be the sound. If I gave this dust to any Lab new-be, any man and women of musical good taste, the sparkles would still astound, continuously.For what it's worth: I listen to a great deal of music. There are a handful of artists/albums that I return to again and again-because their work continues to surprise, and bring joy. E.G : AJA, Pet Sounds, Dark Side, Viva Hate, Rachmaninoff (all), Blood on the Tracks, Court and Spark, etc. In the past ten years I have not heard an album as great as this one. At this time, having listened to the band's (near) entire discography, I am prepared to rank this as their greatest accomplishment. Having listened to this album for months now, I am ready to count it as one of the best I have ever heard. An underestimated masterpiece that somehow slipped through the cracks. That it isn't, currently, ranked among the previously mentioned records, truly baffles me. If you have not heard it: do yourself the favor...How often is it that a group, seemingly in decline, manage to come back hitting harder than an Ali rematch? Still thinking... But Stereolab has finally topped Emperor Tomato Ketchup, and in a big way. Having bought their last few releases more out of duty than complete desire I stepped up to the plate expecting not a strike out, but at least a walk (I also have no idea why all the sports metaphors...). Boom, this album is really really good. And all who love Stereolab will be really pleased with this album. The second Captain Easychord kicks in, all of your perseverance will be paid off, with interest (Ha! A banking metaphor). After owning the album some 3 or more months it still gets a healthy spot of airplay on my stereo, and naught a single track gets skipped. This is a call to all you Fans to come on home and get your franco-pop groove back the hell on.Great music and album... But... This review is for the vinyl reissue on the label 1972. If you are looking for a rich, high-fidelity analog recording, do not bother with this record. The sound is flat and muted. Reportedly, these records were mastered from a CD, so go for the cd, even if you love vinyl. I knew that before but decided to give the record a try, that just maybe the sound would be decent to my Undiscerning ear. But I was wrong, and disappointed.It's great to have this on vinyl finally, as I missed the chance to get it originally. However, these are the "1972" editions. Stereolab themselves have said that these are mastered off of the CDs and have not been properly mastered/remastered for vinyl. Stereolab has also said that properly remastered vinyl re-issues are coming. However, this still sounds pretty darn good and will satisfy me for now. I only got turned on to Stereolab a few months ago, but I immediately became addicted to their unique sound. I will admit that I am a bigger fan of their earlier, "poppier" music. That being said, among their "lounge-synth" CDs, "Sound Dust" is one of my favorites. All of the songs are mellow and enjoyable. If you like Stereolab. You'll want to buy this. Great eclectic sound. Dunlop Polishing Cloth Sound-Dust Editorial Reviews On their 12th release, art-pop act Stereolab float deeper into the post-rock atmosphere. They still draw from Ennio Morricone and Henry Mancini when creating their own fantasy soundtracks, but Sound-Dust lacks the dynamic interplay that invigorated Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night. The disc is all easy-listening lounge that's almost too gentle on the ears. There are no urgent sonic experiments, and only three tracks really spark to life: "Spacemoth," "Captain Easychord," and the Kubrick-inspired "Gus and the Mynah Bird." "Easychord" is the catchiest song on the album, containing the CD's most ebullient melody-emitting, warped, country-twanged notes. Beyond that, Stereolab fans should prepare for a very sedate, mature affair. --Jennifer Maerz Review Ever since Mars Audiac Quintet and Emperor Tomato Ketchup, the rich production on Stereolab's recordings has belied the fact that, in live performance, the band unveils their identity as minimalists whose songs, stripped of strings, brass and vibraphones, are haiku-like in their economical usage of voice, percussion, organ and guitar. In the hands of Tim Gane, that last instrument becomes a tool used to reduce the myriad genres the group has touched (Krautrock, bossa nova, country) to their essential structures, which then become vehicles and instances of trance-inducing repetition. "span"All this may seem remedial to anyone remotely familiar with the group, but it bears repeating in the face of the cool reaction Stereolab's latest long-player, Sound-Dust, may get. Listeners hoping for a radical departure from previous outings may be disappointed to find that the disc doesn't necessarily break new ground - lush arrangements, enchanting melodies and otherworldly tones abound, but that's to be expected from Stereolab. But to assess this apparent lack of progress as aesthetic stasis or another signal of the group's lapse into irrelevance would be to overlook the ways in which their prolific output (eight LPs and scores of singles and EPs in the span of 10 years) incessantly reworks the same themes and ideas, as if the band wanted their records to blend into a seemingly endless, repetitious whole. It's a subversive pop formula that questions assumptions about innovation, originality and aesthetic progress, and one that Sound-Dust recalculates in superb fashion. Pete Skafish -- From URB Magazine CDs Vinyl => Rock => Progressive Cheapest Store Online Dunlop Polishing Cloth Discount Online Free Shipping

Cheapest Store Online Dunlop Polishing Cloth Discount Online Free Shipping

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