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Thank you, love the songsawesome great sound awesome timing on product thanksI ordered this CD for just one song ''WANNA BE STARTIN' SOMETHING'' a song that I have not heard for over 20 years; It was like a dream come true to me.This is early 90's freestyle not 80' s I used to have this album on cassette tape back in the day. It's okay.I understand where the reviewer: "A music fan" is coming from and can relate on how he/she felt because this is in fact not for everybody. People that say they LOVE freestyle sometimes claim to but in fact only like the songs that were played on radio because they recognize the song. If you indeed LOVE freestlye and are a collector you would appreciate this CD. I know that most people that are looking for freestyle music would be disappointed in this CD because those that love the genre and usually just get there hands on anything that bares the word "Freestyle" on the cover, would not know any song on here and would toss this aside. You have to remember that HOT RECORDS released alot of deleted, out of print and unavailable songs that are nowhere to be found because of independant releases or labels that closed down and compiled it on a now hard to find compilation mostly only available on Amazon for the public. You have to bare in mind that this is "Classic Freestyle" from Miami pretty cool and very rare music from artists I came to know personally that did not make an album or got commercial success. Im not just saying that because I know the artists because I know some that have released horrible songs that I would be embarrased to mention (Cesar, Felix, Bernardo, Ashley, Louisa H anyone?) Although most of these artists cannot sing they are very well produced from the time of technology and independant producers that were mostly having fun releasing songs and not in it to become huge artists or commercial producers. These songs were a "New Wave of Freestyle" that was consistantly being released by unknown guys that were not Professional Freestlye Producers in Miami in a battle with New York Underground Freestyle Producers that were throwing down all these rare freestyle gems released on Vinyls for DJ's to pick up and give them Street fame. Now availble on CD you have to just appreciate these songs by Cuban And Puerto Ricans from Miami (Some best Cuban artists coming out from Miami we're Debbie Deb, Expose, Secret Society, Erotic Exotic, Stevie B, Pretty Tony, Sandee and Connie) even if the voices of the artists in this compilation are sometimes off key, the beat sound corny or don't have a catchy hook...These are interesting classics before Freestlye became better known with the Latin Hip Hop flavor."classic freestyle" is a good cd. the tracks aren't "classics," at least as far as i am concerned. before listening to this thing, i had never heard any of them. and i had never heard of any of these artists. (g.t.?, rocco?, INNER RARITY!?!!) the disc is billed as one hundred percent freestyle, but it isn't. some of the tracks lean toward r and b. some favor a hip hop groove. others have a distinct latin flavor, etc. i guess these are second or third echelon florida freestyle artists. if stevie b is the "king" of florida freestyle, i guess seventh heaven, luis, and murray grant mcdougal might be counted as the style's "courtiers." this is a florida thing, apparently. perhaps you have to be from the south, or very conversant with the miami freestyle scene, in order to appreciate this cd. from my northeast-biased perspective, i would say that this disc is largely composed of imitations of new york freestyle. credible imitations, entertaining imitations, but imitations nonetheless. nothing here possesses the power of songs by old school favorites such as judy torres, or the style of the willie valentin/artistik new school contingent. there are differences between the miami sound and the new york sound. florida freestyle is a "party party party/dance dance dance" kind of music. the new york scene, on the other hand, seems obsessed with melodramatic tales of romantic devotion and love lost. nonetheless, fans of the new york sound will find that "classic freestyle" (from the miami-based hot apple records) is essentially a collection of familiar-sounding music made by unfamiliar artists.This is cd is a must for any hardcore freestyle freak out there.One tune in particular absolutely kills and that's "Destiny" by my boy ROCCO. This cat's sick bomb is produced by one Florida's all time best hitmakers, "G.T." This dude back in the day, drop the beats and hooks like nobody in the biz. He put together other sexy tunes like "not a second time" and "another night".Ya wanna get stroked, drop these goodies on your 12's, you're gonna luv it!!Enjoy . . . Mykeyi think this cd has what old school freestyle fans are looking for, songs like,"DRUMS OF LOVE","DESTINY"and"LOVE IN DISGUISE"Is the reason why they called this cd classic freestyle, put itthis way- this is a GOOD cd to have in your collection!!!!. Editorial Reviews Classic Freestyle Vol. 2 - Various Fan Creations NHL Los Angeles Kings Unisex Los Angeles Kings Lov On Sale With Price Classic Freestyle Vol. 2 Max 55% OFF Fan Creations NHL Los Angeles Kings Unisex Los Angeles Kings Lov shopping CDs Vinyl => Dance Electronic => Freestyle our reputation is our cornerstone we began in 1995 as a small shop selling electrical appliances inside the newyork electric payment centre


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