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you can search our entire product catalogue from the comfort of your chair at home and order at the click of a button – we'll even deliver straight to your front door or your place of work. Sports Outdoors => Sports => Team Sports Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series Discount Sale UK Store HONGYIFEI2021 Desktop File File Bag, Portable Information Bag Ox Big Sale Online 100% This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Pro Stock Select Leather: No leather in the game today compares to our Pro Stock Select leather. We triple-sort our leather hides for consistency and flawlessness, using only our top 5% of hides when crafting our A2K gloves. Rolled Dual Welting: Dual Welting in Wilson gloves goes beyond a mere cosmetic effect, as it’s integrated into the liner of each infield, outfield and pitcher's model, offering better support and helping your glove hold its shape better over time. Double Palm Construction: A thin, perfectly shaped piece of leather placed between the palm liner and the outer shell enhances pocket stability. It also reduces the wrinkles in the palm of your glove, reducing the rebound on balls that hit your glove and providing a longer-lasting shape. Spin Control Technology: A dimpled pattern in the Pro Stock Leather in the palm and web of your A2000 helps reduce the spin rate of the ball by rapidly increasing friction at the moment of contact between ball and glove. ComfortPro Fit: Featuring our ProLux Leather, the liner of the redesigned A2000 has a richer, softer feel against your hand. The all-new Comfort Sleeve is the finishing touch, conceling the binding in the wrist for more comfort than ever before. Flat Finger Binding, Thin Heel Pad, DriLex Wrist Lining, Bold Logos 11.5 inches H Web Position: Infield Product description The iconic A2K 1786 has long been Wilson's most popular infield pattern. This design features the H-Web and shallow pocket preferred by so many infielders in an edgy look - with flawless Black Pro Stock Select Leather and Saddle Tan SnakeSkin Pro Stock Select Leather and new Bold logos. This isn’t just any ball glove. It’s the best ball glove in the world. The 2021 A2K glove lineup is designed for the game’s elite players, using the most premium ball glove materials in the world – including Wilson’s flawless Pro Stock Select leather in an all-new SnakeSkin style. Paired with a new Bold logo package, each of these gloves come together in an unforgettable never-before-seen look. Every A2K is built to last. The legendary Double Palm construction gives you a more stable pocket, helping your glove hold its shape longer than any other glove on the market today. - 11.5 Inch Model - H Web - Pro Stock Select Leather - SnakeSkin Back - Rolled Dual Welting - Flat Finger Binding - Double Palm Construction - 3x More Shaping to help reduce break-in time From the manufacturer The finest cuts of leather. Meticulous construction. Three times more hand shaping by Wilson master technicians. Made from the top 5% of Pro Stock Select leather, each hide is chosen for consistency and flawlessness, so the A2K baseball glove is the most premium glove available. STEP 1: SELECTING LEATHER To make the game's best ball gloves, you need premium leather. Our Pro Stock and Pro Stock Select Leather comes from the most consistent and high-quality hides in the world, giving you a durable glove with great feel and a perfect break-in. STEP 2: CUT LEATHER Our craftsmen place the cutting die into the leather and use a hand-operated machine to cut all the pieces that will ultimately come together as a ball glove. The position and direction of each cut is a crucial part of the process. STEP 3 amp; 4: HOLE PUNCHING amp; STAMPING HOLE PUNCHING: Check and double-check. We ensure each and every hole punched in the leather is clear for the next steps in the process, namely the lacing of the glove. This also helps prevent creases in the leather, giving the finished product a smooth palm. STEP 5 amp; 6: EMBROIDERY amp; STITCHING All embroidery actually happens before the glove is assembled – because the only way to embroider leather is when it’s flat and fits easily into the sewing machine. Our craftsmen then start stitching the glove – and do so inside out, assembling the various pieces of leather that were cut out in Step 2. STEP 7, 8 amp; 9: TURNING, LACE MAKING amp; GLOVE LACING TURNING: Here, all our gloves are turned back right side out and craftsman begin to shape them using hand-shaped hot irons and rods. The lining is also inserted into the shell right after this point. LACE MAKING: At this stage, we cut thin high-quality strips of leather tanned specifically for baseball glove laces. We use these thinner strips because if lacing is too thick, it impacts how well the glove opens and closes. GLOVE LACING: You guessed it. This is where the magic happens and everyone’s hard work starts to come together in the form of a STEP 10: POUNDING amp; SHAPING Before final inspection, our craftsmen focus on shaping the glove so when you receive your new gamer, it’s already got the great Wilson shape you’ve come to love. Max 58% OFF Product as described- still breaking it in- high quality product!!This glove is amazing. Easy to break in and to get shape of the ball.Another benefits is the weight!I throw with my left hand so I were this glove on my right hand.100% satisfiedthis glove is fantastic. wilson took their time with this one. although I am a wilson fan, the craftsmanship is sometimes questionable. not as good as rawlings in the details. the stitching and lacing on the this is perfect. very happy.The glove is great and the whole process of buying the glove was very smooth. At first the glove was actually a bit tight, to the point I thought it was too small. However after I worked it in with hot water and a mallet, then played catch a few times the glove is perfect. I really am enjoying this purchase and thinking of giving this glove to my kid and buying anotherReally an outstanding piece of equipment for a catcher. I purchased it for my son who is off to college next year and this should last all 4 years.Kid is in love with it so farOnly style , type, and brand my son will use!very nice leathercut wellgood for middle infieldersWould get larger size for 3rd base, pitcher and outfield (probably 12 or 12.25 " ) HONGYIFEI2021 Desktop File File Bag, Portable Information Bag Ox


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